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Christina Marie Loveless, Joseph Hernandez, Jennie Hernandez Loveless, Tommy Hernandez, Wayne R Loveless, Kenneth W. Loveless

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Wayne R. Loveless, Kimberly Loveless (daugther of Dave & Betty Loveless of OH), Betty Loveless, Jennie Hernandez Loveless (Wayne's wife), Tommy Hernandez (Wayne's step-son), Kenneth Elmer Loveless (Wayne's dad), Mary Jane Loveless (Wayne's mom), Kenneth Wayne Loveless (Wayne's son), Michelle Loveless (daugther of Dave & Betty Loveless), Dave Keith Loveless (Wayne's brother), Gayla O'Neil (Christy & Kenny's grandmother), Christina Marie Loveless (Wayne's daughter), Brandon Bailey (Christy & Kenny's step-brother), Sherry Bailey (Christy & Kenny's mother).

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Wayne is a descendant of  Elnathan & Sally Jeffers Loveless of Fulton Cty., NY



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