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First Row (Left to right):  Will Jacobs, Jocie Jacobs Foster (baby), William A. Watson, Lud Beanblossom [E. L. Beanblossom], Paul Reagan, Ella Jacobs Love [Mary Ella], Rosie Love (baby), Margaret Jacobs Reagan, Fred Reagan (baby), Ruth Jacobs Hisey; Bessie Richard Shewmaker (white dress), Georgia Watson Sherill (black dress), Cary Watson (Plaid bow), Paul Richard, Wayne Love (white collar), Cordie Richard, Charlie Richard (white dress), Uncle Ess Richard, Charles Jacobs.

Second Row (Left to right):  Grover Jacobs (single), Birdie Jacobs (Lopp), Julia Jacobs Watson, Cresia Jacobs Beanblossom, Bill Love, Stoy Love, Eugene Watson, Alva Jacbs (Single), Adie Love, Grandma Jacobs [Nancy Lovelace Jacobs], Beulah Jacobs Harper, Straud Love, Minnie Richard, Pearl Watson Jacobs.

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Wedding Photo of William Elma Love and Mary Ella Jacobs, 5 Sep 1889, taken in Corydon, Harrison County, Indiana, in front of a large hotel [location identified by Fred Griffin].

Left to Right:  Will Jacobs, David Jacobs [dad], Alva Jacobs, Nancy Lovelace Jacobs [mom], Cretia [Hattie Lucretia] Jacobs, Grover Jacobs, Wm Love, Mary Ella Jacobs, Maggie [Meg] Jacobs, Minnie Jacobs, Charles Jacobs, Julia Jacobs, Admiral Nelson Jacobs [grandfather].


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