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George Logan Family

Seated, left to right:
Asco Glenovie "Nolvey" Lovelace, George Logan Lovelace, Mary Jane Green Lovelace, and Laura Jane "Teant" Lovelace.

Standing, left to right:
Joseph Baxter Lovelace, James Dolphus Lovelace, Tilman Lucas (Luke) Lovelace, Eliza Rixie Vandora "Van" Lovelace, Geneva "Neve" Lovelace, and Cynthia Olavine (Ollie) Lovelace

Grover Green

Ophelia McIntire

  Grover Green, son of Pantha Green Lovelace and Crit Hollifield

Ophelia McIntire Flynn, daughter of Laura Jane Lovelace, and grandaughter of George Logan Lovelace

Cicero and Della Lovelace Jones

Cicero Franklin and Della Clarinda Lovelace JonesDella was born in
1892 and was the daughter of Tillman Lucas Lovelace and granddaughter of George Logan
Lovelace.  Della and Cicero were married in 1906 when she was 14 and he was 20.


Tillman Lucas Lovelace, son of George Logan Lovelace.



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