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Nolvey Lovelace

Asco Glenolvie Lovelace (in center with back to wagon)
(1868 - 1931) and his brother, James Dolphus Lovelace (in forefront) (1845-1945)

son of George Logan and Mary Jane Green Lovelace of Rutherford County, NC

George Lovelace

Mary Jane Green

  George Logan Lovelace
(1845 - 1915)

son of William & Cynthia Hollifield Lovelace of Rutherford County, NC

Mary Jane Green Lovelace
(1843 - 1918)

wife of George Logan Lovelace

Malinda Lovelace

B. B. & Malinda Lovelace Green Bailey

Malinda (1840 - ?) was the daughter of William and Cynthia Hollifield Lovelace and sister of George Logan Lovelace. She was first married to William Pinkney Green.



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