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Gedcom Index for Lovelace and Loveless

For questions about any of these family gedcoms, please contact the submitting individual listed next to their family submission below.  If you don't find your family connection here, please e-mail Wendy Loveless; we are adding to this information continually. To submit your gedcom, write to me for guidelines. 

Caution:  Please Read!!!

I encourage all submitters to only submit their own research and to include only proven family connections.  I highly recommend that those of you searching these gedcoms or using them for your own research look closely at the sources included for the data entered to determine how to follow-up.  I feel very strongly that incorrect data published, even in internet form, is likely to be repeated as fact and I strongly discourage you to "fill out" your family line further back than can be proven just so it looks good.  I don't authorize or guarantee any of the data in any gedcom below other than mine which is also subject to revision.  If you find someone has blatantly incorrect family connections on their line and you can prove otherwise, please let me know.  In some cases, I may choose to pull that family information from this web site and reserve the right to do so at any time.  At the very least, I'll write to the submitter and ask for proof or an adjustment of the data submitted.  Avoid this problem by culling your own line before submission the first time to that which you can back up with your own research.

Important Navigational tips:   For all gedcoms, wait for the page to load before you use the scroll bar.  That will allow the program to go to the part of the page you indicated that you want. Otherwise, you'll spend more time hunting around.

 Gedcoms listed under the numbered gedcom are a subordinate line of the primary line listed submitted by another researcher.  An additional way to search for a specific individual is to use the search function on the Home page.   Uploaded gedcoms are normally available within the search within a few days of initial upload.

Good luck and please let us know if you're a part of the family so we can share more information with you!



  1. James and Theodosia Manning Loveless descendants (submitted by Melissa Jones)

  2. Stephen (1796) and Eleanor Armstrong Loveless descendants of Coshocton County, OH (submitted by Wendy Miller)

  3. Probable descendants of Nathan and Benjamin Lovelace of Rutherford County, NC

  4. John (circa 1731) and Thomasina Loveless descendants of Tolpuddle, Dorset, England (submitted by Donna King)

  5. John and Nancy Bonahan Lovelace of VA descendants (submitted by Vicki Kanaar)

  6. John and Mylla Lovelace descendants (submitted by Jack D. Lovelace)

  7. Blessingame Loveless descendants (submitted by Alton Loveless)

  8. John Baptist and Eleanor Lovelace descendants

  9. Charles and Bridgett McLaughlin Lovelace descendants (submitted by Deb Richardson)

  10. Elnathan Loveless (1769-1840) descendants (submitted by Dick Loveless)

  11.   Australian Lovelaces (submitted by Barb Lewis)

  12.   Joseph and Charity Klock Loveless descendants (submitted by Ward Jennings)

  13. Descendants of William and Margaret Hickmont Lovelace (b. England 1812) (submitted by Norma Farmilo)

  14. Descendants of Abra(ha)m and Asenath J. Loveless (submitted by Rich Connerley)




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