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Edwin Sandys

Cecily Wilford.gif (73403 bytes)
Edwin Sandys (1519-1588) Cecily Wilsford (about 1535-about 1611)
Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York, and Cecily Wilsford were the parents of Anne Sandys who married William Barne. Anne and William Barne were the parents of Anne Barne who married William Lovelace about 1610 of Kent, England.

Note to researchers:  All the photos and information on this page were submitted by fellow researchers.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information submitted as I did not do the research myself.  I received the picture to the left and the email below from a Sandys researcher; please verify any information used on this page before replicating potential errors.

Just came across your web site and noticed your pictures of Edwin Sandys and George Sandys. Unfortunately they are not of the people you suggest instead Edwin Sandys is the son of the Archbishop and in Fact Sir Edwin Sandys of Northbourne in Kent 1561-1629 and George Sandys is his brother - the adventurer and Poet 1577-1643. I enclose a picture of Archbishop Edwin you may use on your site but unfortunately I know of no pictures of his grandfather George Sandys.


    Best regards
        Chris Cork - Sandys-gen listserve co-ordinator   
George Sandys.gif (67696 bytes) George Barne.gif (72755 bytes)
George Sandys, grandfather of Edwin, above Sir George Barne (abt. 1532-1592), grandfather of Anne Barne Lovelace
The three photos below contributed by Jodi Stallard - she wrote " as sent to me by the Dulwich Gallery in London, where the originals hang" 

William Lovelace I (born abt 1525; married Anne Lewes)
William Lovelace II (born abt. 1561; married Elizabeth Aucher)
William Lovelace III (born abt. 1584; married Anne Barne)


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