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Photos of our Lovelxxx Ancestors

Descendants of George W. Loveless of NJ

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Helen Loveless

Loveless women

Helen Gertrude (Loveless) & Edward Otto Lewandowsy

Helen was the daughter of Nathan C. Loveless

Mother of Gertrude, Gertude (Purner) Loveless, Gertrude's daughters, Rachel and Emma Loveless

Loveless women

George Loveless

Rachel, Gertrude, Helen, & Emma Lovelesss

Gertrude married Nathan C. Loveless; the other three were her daughters.

George W. (1830-1914) & Rachel Loveless; George was the father of Nathan C. Loveless

Nathan Loveless

Helen Loveless

  Nathan Coleman Lovelesss b. September 1865 in New Egypt, NJ

Helen Gertrude Loveless (1899-1992); daughter of Nathan & Gertrude



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