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Coats of Arms for Lovelace/Loveless

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Loveless Coat of Arms.JPG (52410 bytes)

Above and below:   The Coat of Arms for the Loveless family in color and with details shown in the line drawn version.  I have no history of the origin; if you know more, please e-mail me.
Loveless CoatofArms.jpg (56215 bytes)
Lovelace, Kent.JPG (3962 bytes) Lovelace Coat of Arms  (Hurley).JPG (9803 bytes)
Lovelace of Kent Lovelace of Hurley Coat of Arms

Lovelace King-Noel.JPG (28512 bytes)

Lovelace (King/Noel) Coat of Arms

The following information about the Coats of Arms was sent to me by Barb Lewis who also sent me some of the images above:

Apparently when the honours acquired by letters patent dated 30 June 1838, allowed the title of Earl of Lovelace, but did not acquire the use of the Arms.  Attached is a copy of the (William King-Noel) Arms, which bears no relation to the Baron Lovelace of Hurley's Arms.  Earl Peter Lovelace, is a direct descendant of William King-Noel (Earl Lovelace) and it is interesting to note that the surname Noel was granted by royal licence on 29 September 1860, and with this grant he ( and his issue) were allowed to take the surname and to bear the arms of Noel quarterly, in the first quarter with those of King.   I have an article on Peter Lovelace, where he married an Australian girl in 1994, there is a picture, and some reference to their home.

I feel there must be another Lovelace Coat of Arms for the Bethersden (Kent) family, as they also had the title Sir.  This is the family that had connections with America, via the Virginia Co.  At the moment I have not come across it.

The rules regarding the Coats of Arms are :-  One may have it in ones home as a talking point, BUT may not use it on personal stationery, business cards and any other paraphernalia whereby it could be construde to be claiming descent.

Note:   Please e-mail Wendy Waldron if you have details to add or other items of Heraldry on the Lovelace/Loveless family line.



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