William & Judith (Archer) Traylor

Joseph Traylor

compiled by Linda Sparks Starr January 2008


1714 estimated birth year Joseph Traylor, son of William and Judith, since he is younger than Humphrey born 1711.

1743 or before estimated birth in Chesterfield Co. Jesse, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Neal) based on his being in his own household in 1764.

1746 October 9 will date John Patterson witnessed by Patrick Mullen, Alleck Moor, Prmena Palmer, Joseph Trayler. [Weisiger p. 26; Henrico Wills & Deeds 1744-1748 p. 233]

1753 February 21 William Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to Joseph Traylor, his son, for love & affection, plantation I live on and another parcel as by patent August 17, 1725 and all my ready money, household goods, stock and cattle; except negro girl Doll, about 8 years old, in possession of my son John Traylor and my old negro fellow Jack, who I give to my son Humphrey after my death. wit: Tho (N) Neal, Abram (A) Dunnifant, John Ward. Recorded March 2, 1753. [Weisiger p. 32; Chesterfield Deeds Bk 1 p. 365]

1753 July 6 B&S Thomas Neal to Jesse Traylor et al [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 1 p. 363] (LSS note: Thomas Neal is Joel's maternal grandfather.)

1753 December 7 recorded date deed Joseph Traylor of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to Humphrey Traylor of same for £50, 1 negro boy Will, formerly belonging to estate of my father and given to me by deed of gift. No witnesses. [Weisiger p. 53; Chesterfield Deed Bk 2 p. 88]

1758 November 11 Noel Waddill ... to Richard Waddell ... 130 acres next to Ralph Jackson, Joseph Traler, Thomas Dudley and Abraham Dunnivant. [Weisiger p. 24-5; Chesterfield Deed Bk 3 p. 334]

1762 January 1 estate Richard Kennon to be appraised by Thomas Dudley, Joseph Traylor, William Rowlett. [Weisiger p. 132; Chesterfield Orders Bk 3 p. 187]

1764 March 23 date will Thomas Neal ... to Francis Moore Neal, son of Mary Clark, 50 acres on Spring Br, Fowlers Br & Nooning Br; to Elizabeth Traylor, daughter of Joseph Traylor, a heifer; to Margaret Bragg, daughter of Hugh Bragg, a heifer; to my wife Margaret and to Francis Moore Neal, rest of the estate. To son William Neal, daughter Elizabeth Traylor, daughter Margaret Bragg, daughter Frances Dunnavant, daughter Mary Clarke and daughter Sarah Rowlet and daughter Ann Burton, each 1 shilling. Exec: Henry Dance and Ralph Jackson Jr. wit: John Traylor, Mary Traylor, Ralph Jackson. [Weisiger p. 45-6; Chesterfield Will Bk 1 p. 428] (LSS note: John Traylor is most likely Joseph's brother; the other possibility is John and Mary's son (the given name of John II first wife isn't known.)

1764 June 26 William Perkeson of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., to Burrell Perkeson of same ... land bounded by John Perkinson, Ellack Moor, Jessey Traylor, Joseph Jackson, Abraham Dunevent, David Beary. [Weisiger p. 15; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 177] (LSS note: based on this statement of Jesse's boundary line, we judge he was at least 21 years old by this date, thus born 1743 or before.)

1765 April 6 Ralph Jackson of Chesterfield to Ralph Jackson Jr., his son, of same ... 60 acres bounded by Seth Ward Gent., Abraham Burton, Joseph Jackson and Joseph Traylor. [Weisiger p. 43; Chesterfield Deed Bk 5 p. 406]

1767 October 17 William Neal of Amelia County to Francis Moore Neal of Chesterfield for 5 shillings, all interest in 50 acres devised by Thomas Neal dec'd in his will to sd Francis. wit: Jesse Traylor, John Traylor, Archer (+) Traylor. [Weisiger p. 59; Chesterfield Co. Deed Bk 5 p. 518] (LSS note: There are at least two possible men living in the area for each of those three names. Probably two are brothers and the other a first cousin. Based on the grantor / grantee being NEALs, my guess is, Jesse and Archer are brothers and John is the son of John died 1774.)

1768 December 5 inventory Capt. Thomas Dudley appraised by John Traylor Sr., Joseph Traylor, Richard Wilkinson. [Weisiger p. 72; Chesterfield Will Bk 2 p. 84] (LSS note: Traylor brothers, John d. 1774 and Joseph d. abt 1778)

1777 September 10 date will Joseph Traylor of Dale Parish. To wife Elizabeth, for widowhood, items and a negro. To son Jesse 3 negroes. To daughter Lozemoth Bevil, a cow and calf. To daughter Elizabeth Jackson, 1 negro. To grandson Archer Burton 1 negro at 21 and items and money. To son Archer, all land in Chesterfield Co. and rest of estate not given before. Executors, son Archer and friend Thomas Worsham. wit: Joseph Royall, Jno Archer, Edward Osborne Jr. [Weisiger p. 19; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 217]

1777 inventory John Smith appraised by Jesse Traylor, Ephraim Blankinship, Samuel Cheatham [Weisiger p. 12; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 141]

1777 before June Court death in Chesterfield Co. Joseph Traylor for will was proven this day. [Weisiger p. 130; Chesterfield Orders Bk 6 p. 228]

1780 March Court: renunciation Elizabeth Traylor et al to estate Joseph Traylor. [Chesterfield G/G Index Bk 9 p. 270]

1782 April 22 date will Elizabeth Traylor. To son Jesse Traylor livestock and items. To grandson Archer Burton (under 18) items. Rest to son Jesse and he to be executor. wit: Archer Traylor, Josiah Fowler, Elizabeth Fowler [Weisiger p. 34; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 360. No probate date] (LSS note: usually children didn't witness the will of a parent, but this might be an exception -- especially since he didn't receive anything from the will.)

1783 before February 7 death Elizabeth (Neal) Traylor in Chesterfield for her will was proven by witnesses. [Weisiger p. 139; Chesterfield Orders Bk 6 p. 395]

1783 (no date) Traylor's inventory valued £69/17/9 by Jesse Traylor, [appraisers] Josiah Fowler, William Fowler, Archer Traylor. [Weisiger p. 36; Chesterfield Will Bk 3 p. 381]

(LSS note: No further identity as to which Traylor, but it sounds like Elizabeths. Therefore, the Archer Traylor is a nephew and not her son.)

1788 July 10 Court: Elizabeth Jackson, orphan of Ralph, chooses Archer Traylor as her guardian. [Weisiger p. 64; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 81]

1795 March 5 will date Jesse Traylor of Dale Parish. To son Micajah 50 acres where he lives and 1 negro; to daughter Salley Fowler 5 shillings; to daughter Mary Fowler £25; to daughter Elizabeth Traylor 1 negro, items and £25; to son William Neal Traylor 100 acres where I live, 2 negroes and items. To wife Sandal for life, whole estate and then to son William. Executors, sons Micajah and William. wit: Thomas Whitworth, Vinsent Blankinship, Allen Whitworth. [Weisiger p. 89; Chesterfield Will Bk 4 p. 382]

1795 before June 8 death Jesse Traylor, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Neal) [Weisiger p. 226; Chesterfield Court Orders Bk 11 p. 135]



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