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Welcome to the new, expanded version of "Connections," home for the growing group of CLARK / MOORMAN and allied lines researchers. Using only primary and "good" secondary sources, our group attempts to correct what needs correcting and confirm what can be confirmed as we move beyond the many times published family tradition. Although some are still tracing their lines toward Tidewater Virginia, others have moved on to Barbados, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Each researcher eventually connects to one of four individuals who lived in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia late 1600s and early 1700s: Christopher CLARK (1681-1754) and his wife Penelope JOHNSON (1684-after 1741); Charles MOORMAN (1683-1756) and his wife Elizabeth REYNOLDS (1686-1765).

We are very exciited about our DNA research projects for JOHNSON and CLARK lines. Click on the links (at left) to sites maintained by Harold Johnson and Lea Dowd for the latest results.

Analytical reports remain the backbone of this page. Be aware of dates reports were written; theories change with new data and later reports often reflect this. The only things we request of members are: (1) be willing to consider other possibilities than the published tradition; (2) use primary and "good" secondary sources; and (3) always cite those sources. These reports are freely shared with the genealogical community; however the individual authors, contributors and I reserve copyright privileges lest anyone attempt to publish the reports, in whole or in part, for profit or any other purpose.

Thanks to the generous allocation of web space offered to Rootsweb Sponsors, I can now expand into other states with additional surnames (see below). With very few exceptions, all surnames below trace back to colonial Virginia, but not necessarily to the Clark/Moorman lines. In my attempt to keep Clark/Moorman research separate from other material, any colonial Virginia records that relate only to the additional names appear below.

KENTUCKY AND MISSOURI CONNECTIONS, shown below, has a different focus. SOUTHERN CONNECTIONS, also shown below, is similar.

CEMETERIES, as the name implies, contains tombstone pictures from various family cemeteries in several states--many shared by other researchers. However, some tombstone pictures may also be found in the family photos section.

PHOTOS is my attempt to exhange the precious images of our loved ones with near and distant cousins. I wish to thank those who have generously shared their pictures with us.
                                                                                    Linda Sparks Starr 

[Author of: W. R. Rankin: Manassas to Appomattox, based on the "probable" Civil War experiences of a SC soldier who served first in Hampton's Legion and then in Company L of the Palmetto Sharpshooters. It includes excerpts from his never before published diary and two lists he compiled of Company L, Palmetto Sharpshooters during and after the war. Softbound, 110 pages, $20 ppd.]


This section differs in several ways from its parent. Beside the obvious period and state changes, some of the lines presented are not related to the colonial VA CLARKS / MOORMANs until marriages in this century in other states. Having said that, I will add that all the lines rooted in Breckinridge County are extended and/or allied in some way with the VA CLARKs and MOORMANs. These reports are less polished than those found in Colonial VA Connections; these were written for my own use, and sometimes are little more than a collection of notes from various sources. Views change with time and additional information. Although I've tried to edit out the non-relevant and especially erroneous portions, please remember most of these were written seven to twelve years ago.

Adams Mason and Tosh
Ball and Withers Miller (includes Miller/Jordan photos)
Canada (in Missouri) Pate and Crawford
Canada (in Oklahoma)   NEW; added 2014
Jackson Potter
Jordan and Dent Womack
Kerby Tinsley


This includes families who lived in Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Texas. However, most, though not all, are traced back to colonial Virgiinia. Those researching Georgia families in early Wilkes, and counties near Fayette, Henry and Spalding are well advised to go to the Inman, GA Church web page (see link at left) where they will find several ariticles on families living in these areas. Starr and allied line researchers should check Mary Kozy's web site for Henry Starr researchers (see link at left). [Note: Some of these pages are under construction.]

Milstead Ramsay / Rankin / Reid  (mostly photos)
Brown (Milstead)
Ogletree         Various Starr Reports & Documents
Carrell Orr   (New Section)
Elder Pinkston Traylor
Griffin Rankin    (Expanded)
Additional material:  The immigrants Christoph and Sophia Hebbe, and their children
Added October 2014:  Linda's Compendium of Ancestry of Glendon Jean Starr

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