Old Settlers' Reunion

Old Settlers Reunion, August 1906

This article was published in the Chillicothe Constitution, August 9, 1906. The Old Settlers' Reunion was held annually and was often located at the Mooresville Mineral Springs picnic grounds in Livingston County.


In point of attendance, the Old Settlers' Reunion held at Mooresville Springs Thursday probably surpassed any event of the kind ever held there before. The big, good natured crowd which went to do honor to the pioneers who planted the outposts of civilization in Livingston and surrounding counties, found plenty of diversion during the day, listening to speeches, enjoying the contests and watching the politicians smile and smile.

The town of Mooresville was deserted for the day, even the telephone exchange being closed for the afternoon.

The address of welcome was delivered by Warren Roberts in the absence of J. H. Taylor, who had been selected for that duty. James P. Anderson of Jackson township, president of the Old Settlers association, made a happy response.

In the morning, speeches were made by J. B. Francis of Sampsel township, who came to Livingston county in 1843, and by David Bashford, a resident of Daviess county since 1857.

Dinner was eaten in picnic style in groups throughout the springs grove, many partaking of the hospitality of the Fiske hotel.

After dinner there was music by the Breckenridge band and speeches by Fred S. Hudson and E. C. Orr of Chillicothe.

The prize for the oldest man on the grounds went to H. L. Crosby of Carroll county, age 81. Mrs. Bettie Thompson of Livingston county, aged 86, was given the premium for being the oldest woman present.

Some of the old settlers present were:

James P. Anderson, born in Livingston county in 1844.
James B. Francis, Sampsel township, born in Kentucky, came here in 1843.
David Bashford, Daviess county, aged 86, came to Missouri in 1857.
Captain John Collar of Dawn, born in New York in 1828, came to this county in 1858.
J. M. Minnick of Daviess county, aged 80, came here in 1849.
A. Brunk, Caldwell county, aged 72, came here in 1865.
J. H. Berkshire, aged 68, came here in 1868.
Frank Copple, Ludlow, aged 61, came here in 1863.
C. H. Green, Caldwell, 75, came here in 1865.
Dr. M. Bottom, Caldwell, 78, came here in 1860.
S. M. Woolsey, Daviess, 76, came here in 1834.
J. H. Rockhold, 60, born in Livingston county.
T. H. Bryan, 62, born in Mooresville township.
Susan E. Tomlin, 61, born in Carroll county, came here in 1869.
Sarah Spears, 66, came here in 1857.
Mary J. Gray, 60, resident 30 years.
Louis Barron, 74, came here in 1863.
C. C. Robinson, 50, came here in 1860.
T. R. Bryan, 63, born in Livingston county.
Wiley Miller, 64, came to Missouri in 1859.
J. L. Austin, 68, born in Livingston county.
J. S. Bryan, 63, born in Livingston county.
B. Hargrave, 69, came here in 1837.
T. H. Marlow, 71, came here in 1855.
Ike Bryan, 57, born here.
G. A. Bernard, 62, came here in 1877.
Sanford Smith, 57, born here.
Perry Infield, 67, came here in 1865.
T. P. Toner, 71, came here in 1844.
J. H. Eller, 56, came here in 1864.
Joanna Colvin, 78, came to Caldwell county 61 years ago.
Bettie Thompson, 86, came from Kentucky in 1855.
Job Swan, 78, came here in 1859.
James Ridinger, 81, came in 1867.
R. H. Gaunt, 67, came in '58.
Nat Fiske, 62, came in '68.
W. W. Clark, 63, born here.
Jacob Walz, 72, came in '56.
A. L. Crosby, 81, came to Carroll in '68.
Jacob Zullig, 69, came in '69.
Veronica Zullig, 65.
John Hudgins, 79, here in '42.
J. W. Anderson, 79, here in '44.
H. J. Ireland, 61, here in '54.
J. W. Tomlin, 61, born in Livingston.
S. W. Reynolds, 80, came in '37.
Preston Anderson, 57, came in '64, now lives in Elm Springs, Arkansas.
Cynthia Berkshire, 63, came in '69.
Joe Hershbarger, 50, born in Daviess county.
A. S. Ireland, 51, born here.
Harry Smith, 64, here in '65.
Barbara Smith, 74.
Susan Plummer, 66, came to Caldwell 30 years ago.
A. Culling, 79, here in '86.
S. Umphalbaugh, 70, came in '69.
Capt. William Scruby, 80, came in '67.

The Constitution is indebted to Harry Webster of the Utica Herald for the above detailed account of the reunion.