Diary of Sedgemund T. Robinson ()

Diary of Sedgemund T. Robinson (1866-1948)

Excerpted By Rita Robinson Davis

Sedgemund Thomas Robinson was born October 6, 1866 in Ludlow, Livingston Co., Missouri. On November 17, 1898, he married Flora M. Higgins in Ludlow. Excerpts from his personal diary are listed here.
June 3 - Buck Rockhold came to hunt wolves.
June 5 - Decoration Day at McCoskrie.
June 7 - Went to Shady Grove to baptizing. R. G. McCoskrie preached.
June 14 - Children's day at Union.
June 21 (Sunday) - Went to Ludlow to hear the Boy Preacher, Ray York.
July 4 - Went to Dawn, rained in the morning. Bob, Ollie (Robert Hicks and Olive Robinson Hicks) George, Alice (George Robinson and Alice Hicks), Flora and I.
July 31 - Went to John Stockwell's to play party.
August 1 - Republican convention at Ludlow.
August 13 - Went to funeral at Toner graveyard. Aunt Betsy Toner died.
August 16 (Sunday) - Coen preached, came home with us for dinner.
August 20 - Lue Bryan and I went to Republican rally at Chillicothe. Stayed for fireworks and did not come back till next morning. Howard of Gentry County spoke. Bothwell of Sedalia and Will Leeper of Caldwell county.
August 23 - Went to Proctorville to meeting to hear Hatchett preach.
August 28 - Stacked our millet and went to George Lee's birthday dinner and Horace Bryan's shivaree at night.
August 30 - Went to Andrew McCoskrie's to singing practice for Sunday School picnic.
September 6 (Sunday) - Went to the Glaze Bridge to see McClean's engine -- where it broke through the bridge.
Sept 12 - Joe (Robinson?) and Tom Lee came back from Ohio and Michigan.
Sept 13 - Went to hear John Bryan preach.
Sept 14 - Commenced to paint Warner schoolhouse. J. N. Park and I painted it.
Sept 25 - Painted on Toner schoolhouse.
Oct 1 - Went to fair. Flora, Jessie (Fryer?), Pete (?) and I.
Oct 4 (Sunday) - Went to Shady Grove to preaching at night.
Oct 7, 8 and 9 - Free silver Rally on Brays woods at Toner schoolhouse.
Oct 13 - Went to Marshall's mill to meeting in tent.
Oct 22 - Went to Horace Bryan to a pie ___ Supper. His birthday.
Oct 25 - Went to Marshall's mill to meeting. Name of the man holding the meeting Joe Pointer.
Nov 2 - Jonnie Nichols buried.
November 3 - Went to election. Stayed all night.
November 5 - Went to Ludlow at night to Rally.
November 15 (Sunday night) - Went to Will Jones' and went to hear Coen preach.
November 22 (Sunday night) - Went to Bothwell Chapel to protracted meeting to hear Bistel preach.
December 15 - Went to Braymer and came around by James to sell him the Herold Place.
December 22-23 - Worked on sleighs.
December 24 - Went to Ludlow and from there to Dawn to Christmas tree with Bob Hicks.
December 30 - Went to Bethel to Oyster Supper.
Jan 2 - Came to Chillicothe and went to Luela at night and stayed all night with Harve McCoskrie.
Jan 3 (Sunday) - Stayed to Harve's for dinner (with Flora). Went to Catholic meeting in afternoon and to Christian Church at night and stayed with Bob Bryan at the Normal.
Jan 6 - John Bryan commenced protracted meeting at Union.
Jan 9 - Went to Ludlow at night to Indian Show.
Jan 10 (Sunday) - Went in morning to hear Dockery preach at Union. At night Muncie -- Methodist from Chillicothe preached.
Jan 11 - John Bryan preached.
Jan 12 (Tuesday) - Went to Mooresville to meet Flora. Came back from Harve McCoskrie's. She stayed 4 weeks.
Jan 16 - Went to Proctorville and got a pair of boots.
Jan 17 (Sunday night) - Flora and I went to Rube McCoskrie's. Pete and Jessie and Kink there.
Feb 4 - Flora and I went to docks at night in sleigh.
Feb 5 - Went to Ludlow. Took Ollie and Flora to Perry Borders to rug tacking.
Feb 6 - Went to Breckenridge. Georgie, Mother and I in sleigh.
Feb 21 - Glenn Weatherby and I sent to Higgins.
March 4 (Thursday) - Uncle Joe's birthday. Uncle Tom Lee , Sadie, Leona and Little Byron; Uncle Will, George, Kink, Pete and Bud; Tom Bryan and wife and daughter; Frank Crawford was there. Rained all day, but had a big dinner. Polk and Cam were there and Flora Higgins.
March 10 - John McCoskrie, Myrtie Robinson and Marshall Bryan and Ona McCoskrie married. That night went to Andrew McCoskrie's to wedding supper. Lue, Lissie (parents of Marshall Bryan), Lizzie (Marshall's sister), Joe , Mary , Tommie (Myrtle Robinson's parents and brother), Lewis , Emma , Florence , Susey , Nannie , George , Ollie and myself.
March 11 - Went to Will Bray's baby's funeral at 7pm. That night went to Marshall's shivaree at Lue Bryan's and Andrew McCoskrie's.
March 30 - Election day. Dick Lee elected trustee.
April 9 and 10 - Built new fence between Joe Bryan and I.
April 14 (Wednesday night) - I went to Higgins and Kink to see Nannie McCoskrie.
April 16 - Harvey McCoskrie and Kink sheared sheep.
April 25 (Sunday) - Went to Higgins at night tried to scare (?) and Nell. (Another practical joke, I assume)
April 28 - Day of the big hail storm and rain. I sheared 10 sheep and looked after the lambs.
May 2 (Sunday) - Went to Rolphs, took Delbert Culling home. (Kink and Flora and I and Nell) Went to hear Mast lecture at night at Bethel.
May 6 - Mary Martin applied for the school.
May 7 - Scott Miller came to buy wool.
May 10 - Georgie and I sent to Tom Toner's for dinner after Coen preached. Took a buggie ride with Flora that night to Horseshoe Lake.
May 20 (Thursday) - Went to calico sale and got wool sacks at Breckenridge.
May 23 (Sunday evening) - Went with Flora and Nell to Will Toner's to ice cream supper.
May 27 - Went to Trosper Lake fishing. Kink and Nell, Bob and Ollie, George and Alice, Pete and Jessie, Flora and I.
May 30 (Sunday) - Went to hear Geagins preach at Union.
June 5 - Went to decoration at Union. Wimberley, Tom Bryan and Rube talked.
June 6 (Sunday) - All of us went to John Hicks. Stopped and got Flora and took her with us. Came back by Tom Hicks to see the house that burned.
June 21-22 - Sam Wilson, Pete Robinson put up wire fence south of Marshall's.
June 28 - Made contract to Daly Frazer for school. 27 1/2 - 7 mo.
July 11 - Harlow and family came on a visit.
July 23 - Hauled hay from 12 acre meadow. Will and Edward Higgins, Fred Toner, George Robinson.
July 25 - Went to Higgins Park. Pete and Jessie there.
August 15 - Coen preached on Immersion.
August 18 - Wednesday night sold Bothwell Herald Farm�25 per acre.
August 19 - Webb's and Bob Bryan's Trial.
August 20 - Lemon Bro. Circus.
August 22 - Went to Warner school, then to Perry Border's.
August 26 - Took Ollie to Breckenridge to have dress cut and fit. (assume this was to be her wedding dress).
Sept. 2 - Sunday school picnic at Toner.
Sept. 5 (Sunday) - Dick Lee and Betty came and stayed all day. Dollie Frazer came to teach school. Bob and Ollie came up to Higgins to spend the evening.
Sept. 12 - Tom Lee's birthday dinner.
Sept 15 - Flora and I went to Mooresville, Sampsel, Lock Springs. Stayed all night with old man Balkey.
Sept. 24 - Old Settler's picnic at Toner school house. Ice cream supper to make money for the organ.
Oct. 7 - Ollie and Rob married here at home.
Oct 12 - Went to Proctersville to hear Anderson preach. Mother, Georgie, Kink, Dollie Frazer and I.
Oct. 19 - Stagner's sale.
Nov. 3 - Lantern show at Toner Schoolhouse.
Nov. 9 - John Bryan commenced protracted meeting at Union.
Nov. 12 - Jim Rowlett, Kink and I went to Chillicothe (Rowlett and my grandfather patented a machine for stretching barbed-wire. I doubt they made any money on it, but it did show a lot of enterprise).
Nov. 20 - Picnic at Hargrave's.
Nov 21 - Scottie Bryan died and buried.
Dec. 12 (Sunday night) - Snowed. Went to Higgins. Dora Bryan and Dick Hanks there.
Dec 25 - Flora and I went to the play at Ludlow. ("Tony the Convict")
Dec. 30 - Jim Hunter accidentally shot himself while out hunting.
Jan 3 - Jim Hunter died. Buried next day at Utica.
Jan 9 (Sunday night) - Took Flora to Tom Hicks to see Annie.
Jan 10 - Flora went to stay with Cora Borders when Perry was on the jury.
Jan 12 - Went to Ludlow and came back and stopped at Perry Borders' to see Flora. It was the night after the rain. First rain to speak of since Sept 16.
Jan 16 - Stopped and heard Hatchett preach at Warner.
Jan 23 (Sunday) - Big snow came the 22nd Saturday.
Jan 24 - Mrs. Anderson buried.
Feb 13 - Flora and I went to Rube McCloskrie's at night. Rode Old Jule.
Feb 20 - Tom Bryan and Laine commenced protracted meeting at Union.
March 4 - Annie Hicks died.
March 6 - She was buried at Breckenridge. Mother, Miss Dollie and I went in ? buggy.
March 15 - Tuesday night took Miss Dollie and walked to Rube McCoskrie's. Flora, Nell, Elva and Bertha McClellan, Ed Higgins, Sam Wilson, Pete Robinson there.
April 1 - Miss Dollie's school was out.
April 2 - Went to party at Rob Hicks.
April 5 - Ed Toner elected School Director.
April 6 - Went up to Charley Orr's to see him for Ed Higgins and Izzie Stockwell.
April 24 - Annie McCuley thrown from buggy and killed.
May 21 - Commenced to rain on April 29 and rained till May 20. Never got dry enough to plow in that time.
June 5 - Bob and Ollie here. Went to see Flora at night. Frank Skinner there to see Nell.
June 9 - Frank and Kink started to Kansas.
July 8 - Ida Park came on a visit.
July 11 (Sunday) - Walked with Flora to Tom Earl's and stayed about 7 hours.
July 20 - Took Park to Breckenridge. Went to Glenwood.
July 21 - Joe and I walked down to McKenzie's. The old lady's funeral was preached by young Couglin. She was past 85.
August 3 - Elmer Wendell came from Illinois on a visit. Went back on the 9th.
August 5 - Cora Collar buried.
August 7 (Sunday) - Went to hear Elmer preach at 4:00 p.m. at Union.
August 22 - Went to Buffalo Bill's Show.
August 26 - Went to the Fair and saw Frank James. Rode back with Joe and Ike to Mooresville and got my horse and came home.
September 4 - Sunday morning went by Bob Hicks and went to Breckenridge to take the train to Chillicothe. Left 1:15 for the reunion at Cincinnati, Ohio. Got there 11 a.m. Monday. Stayed till Tuesday till 4:40 p.m., then went to Troy. Stayed all night with Grandma (Eleanor Hambleton Bretland Cecil).
Sept 7 - Next day went to Uncle Will's (William Riley Smith). George was with me. Stayed in Ohio till September 27.
Sept 27 - Left Troy 7:19 a.m. Went to Soldier's home and stayed till 3:20, then to Cincinnati. Left there at 8:15 that night got to Breckenridge.
Oct 11 - Took Miss Dollie to Chillicothe, then she went home.
Oct 15 - Sheep roast at Ward's.
Oct 21 - Charley Holsclaw buried.
Oct 26 - Went to Harve McCoskries to see Flora at night. Sewing for Lettie. (Perhaps they were sewing for the baby she was expecting?)
Oct 28 - Donivan and Jim Skinner stayed for supper. He spoke at Toner schoolhouse that night.
Oct 29 - Mast spoke at Union.
Oct 30 - We went to see Bob and Ollie. Noah Warner and Elva McClellan, Frank Skinner there.
Nov 6(Sunday) - Frank Skinner brought Nell and Flora down here. We all went to Perry Borders, then to Fred Toner's. Frank started to Chillicothe to school next day.
Nov 17 (Thursday) - Kink and I went to Chillicothe to get license. We had supper at Fred Toner's, then Kink, Nell and Flora and I went to John Bryan's and were married. Flora and I came back to Fred's and stayed all night. Came home at night, the 18th.
November 29 - Went to George Goodrich's to his birthday dinner. Age 37. That night was shivaree.
Dec. 2 - Flora and I went to Chillicothe on train from Mooresville. Mary McClintock taken bad that day. Snowed all day.
Dec. 3 - Flora stayed all night with Mary McClintock.
Dec. 4 - I went to see Mary and brought Flora home.
Dec. 6 - Flora and I went to Fred Toner's and ate dinner, then Mary went with us to see Mary. She was dead. Died at 12 that day.
Dec. 7 - Buried John Bryan. Preached sermon.
Dec. 15 - Kink and Nannie married at Rube's.
Dec. 21 - Will Smith and Marion came from Ohio.
March 8 - Old Johnnie Bryan buried.
March 10 - Gee Dye buried.
March 21 - Reub McCoskrie and Kink started to Kansas.
March 22 - Will and Wesley Higgins started to Nebraska.
March 31 - Mrs. Davis buried. Lewis Davis' mother.
April 4 - Mrs. John Morgan buried. Stella Borders buried.
April 13 - John Jennings died.
April 16 - Rube McCoskrie came back from Kansas to deliver trees.
May 7 - Doc Bishop of Plymouth died.
May 26 - Mrs. Lanth Austin buried.
May 27 - James Frith buried.
June 7 - Joe Gill died. Buried the 8th.
July 25 - Andrew McCoskrie went to Shealder to see if it was gold he had discovered east of Ludlow.
August 23 - Uncle Dick Robinson's little boy died.
Oct. 6 - Uncle John and Aunt Sarah came to Ludlow.
Nov. 13 - John Hicks buried.
Jan. 28 - Frank [Robinson] died, buried the 30th.
Dec. 28 - Frank Skinner and Nell married.
Feb. 8 - John Read died.
Feb. 9 - Lizzie Pemberton died.
March 24 - Spencer Austin buried.
August 12 - Kink [Robinson] started to Tucson, Arizona.
January 28: I went with Tom and Sadie (Robinson) to see Aunt Nan Wells.
March 4: Lee (Robinson), Alpha (Robinson Earl) and I went to Nan Wells funeral
March 11: Crocket Sidden died today.
March 13: Crocket Sidden�s funeral was this afternoon.
March 18: We went to the caucus. Lee was nominated a member of the board.
March 19: Hargrave�s funeral
Monday, April 7: Clell (Earl) came home from Washington D. C last night.
April 8: Edna�s baby was born last night.
April 10: Edna Holden was taken to the hospital for double pneumonia. Mary, Lee, Sadie and Corinne went to see her.
April 11: Mary, Lee, Sadie (Robinson), Corinne (Hamblin) and I went to Chillicothe to see Edna. Grace came home with us.
April 12: Grace, Mary and Lee went to Chillicothe to see Edna. She passed away this morning at the age of 22 years 2 months 3 days.
April 14: Raining today. Edna�s funeral was today.
April 16: I went with Sadie to Mary Busby funeral.
July 25: Tonight Lee, Mary and I went to a carnival in Chillicothe.
August 14: Tom (Robinson) went with us to Kingston Fox Hunt this afternoon.
August 17: Also Wesley Higgins was here.
August 30: I went to Bill Fitzpatrick funeral this afternoon.
September 14: We went down to John and Anna�s (Robinson) tonight to see Walter Smith from Ohio.
September 17: Walter Smith and family from Ohio were here this morning. Mary went with Sadie to the preacher�s sale in Ludlow.
September 18: We watched the northern lights tonight.
October 1: I went to Braymer with Tom (Robinson) to the street fair.
October 7: Mary and Lee acted as Matron of Honor and Best Man at Russel Toner�s wedding in Chillicothe.
November 16: I went to Jim Mossbarger�s funeral.
November 17: Lee went with Oscar and Ervin to Chillicothe to see about the bridge south of town.
Thursday, January 1: Bill Fryer died last night.
Saturday, January 3: Mary and Lee went to Bill Fryer�s funeral this afternoon in Ludlow.
February 3: I went to Alpha Kromacck�s (sic) funeral.
Friday, March 6: Lee helped Charley Bryan move in the Park house this afternoon.
Saturday, March 28: Lester Timbrook came after old Bill this morning.
June 12: George Robinson (Sr.) died yesterday morning.
June 13: Mary and Lee went to George Robinson funeral in the Mead funeral home in Braymer this afternoon.
June 21: Mary and Dell Sprouse, Robert Robinson, Kink and Wilbur Robinson were here this afternoon.
January 18: 6 below zero; coldest day for this winter.
January 26: Marshall (Bryan) here to hear about Roosevelt going to Africa over radio.
February 2: Tina Earl and John Hicks sale at the Waterman farm.
Feb 26: Earnest Austin�s wife died.
February 28: Earnest Austin�s wife buried at Bethel.
April 26: Lee (and) I went to Bill Toners before night. He was no better.
May 2: Will Toner died 4 p.m.
May 4: Lee signed up for sugar at Bryanville school today.
May 24: Pete Copple died. Age 86 yr 2 months.
May 26: Pete Copple buried McCoskrie cemetery.
June 6: Art Robinson and wife, Jennie Amery, Lizzie Hamblin, Leland, Corinne and Grace and Georgie Robinson were here this afternoon to see me. Tom and Saide were here tonight.
June 21: Lightning struck Leta Moore�s brooder house and hurt her bad.
July 23: Glenn Robinson here from Minn.
August 8: Sadie McClintock buried at Monroe Cemetery.
September 30: Stone � Grace Robinson married.
October 20: Hugh Benson wife died age 56(?).
October 21: Lee Mary went to Ludlow to register on food.
October 23: Mrs. Isaac Wells died.
October 25: Mrs. Cash Adams buried McCoskrie.
January 13: Ed Fink died, age 77-6 mo. Buried at Hale.
Sunday, January 16: Paul More(sic) father buried.
January 17: Funeral Bob Gilliland Monroe Cemetery, Ed Fink Hail(sic) Cemetery.
January 19: Betty died last night. Mrs. Betty Wells died�at Monroe Cem 77 (sic) years old.
January 21: Bill Mock (sic) died.
January 24: Betty Wells buried at McCoskrie 88 years old.
January 29: Mary, Lee, Corinne went to Chillicothe to President Roosevelt Ball.
February 7: --Earl Smith sale
February 9, l944: Jim Clark buried at Toner Cemetery 2:00 pm.
March 23: Lee went to Ludlow elected a delegate to Chillicothe to elect delegate to convention for state.
May 11: Lee, Mary, Rita and I went to George (Robinson) to see Charles home from --- on furlough.
May 14: Aunt Moley(sic) Bretland buried Troy Ohio.
June 26: Republican convention at Chicago.
July 14: Will Dameral died at his home in Ludlow.
July 15: Lee went to Will Dameral funeral at Ludlow 2p.m. Burial McCoskrie Cemetery.
July 21: Dems finished convention nominated F. D. Roosevelt, Truman for Vice President got done � in 4 days.
August 17: Tom Sadie (Robinson) went to Chicago to see Sadie�s brother.
October 21: Went to Ludlow to Republican meeting. All county officers there for office. This is Roosevelt 4 term he wants.
October 27: I heard Roosevelt speak Chicago.
October 31: Dewey spoke 8 p.m.
November 1: Dewey�Baltimore Md. 7:30 p.m.
November 7: Lee went to Ludlow 4:30 this morning. Judge at election. Dewey and Roosevelt. Mary and I went with Tom Sadie to vote.
November 24: George Foreman died at Ludlow at Norman Bryan�s.
November 28: Laur(?) Bryan buried Excelsior Springs.
December 12: Bill (Reynar) to KC to work in bombs factory.
January 13: Charles Skinner died at Ludlow at Bob Skinner. Age 86 y 7 mo.
January 15: Charles Skinner buried at Ludlow. Age 86 yr. 7 months.
Betty Lee 83 years old today.
March 18: Lizzie Borders buried today at Monroe. Charley Mock (sic) died at--.
April 12: Roosevelt F. D. died.
May 1: Russia got to Berlin
May 8: Claude Berkshire sale.
May 11: John Guyer died age 82.
Sunday May 13: Art Skinner wife and --- stopped to get water for car going to John Guyer funeral at Proctorville burial More(?) cemetery.
May 22: Mary Sadie (Robinson) went to Verna(?) Burton�s funeral. Buried Monroe Cem, age 35 yr.
May 23: At night Bill Mary Rita went to Ludlow to meet Lee come on train from K City. Buley(Beulah) Toner Bryan died age 43.
May 24: Lora Webb died.
May 25: Afternoon to Buley Toner funeral at ME church at Ludlow burial Monroe.
May 26: Lora Webb funeral at Molo, conducted by Lavern Rudolph, burial McCoskrie Cemeter, about, 83 years old.
May 31: Earl Snodgrass wife buried at Monroe Cemetery.
June 7: Ida Shields (Ida Spaulding).
June 16: Last night lightning burn Tom telephone out.
August 14: War is over.
August 18: Robert Hicks, wife, 4 boys here.
September 18: John Austin died. Born Nov 25 1866.
September 19: Jack Bryan from California, Sock(Charley Bryan), Mary Frances here tonight.
September 21: John Austin buried Bethel this afternoon conducted by � Farmer almost 79 yr old.
November 3: Bill (Reynar), Lona(sic) Keeran and little girl (Harlene) here from Bloomington, Ill 9 p.m.
December 14: Orville Earl died at Wood River, Ill. 4p.m. Arley Webb wife died 7 p.m.
December 15: Arley Webb wife buried at McCoskrie Cemetery conducted by Rev. Lavern Rudolph.
December 16: Lee went to McCoskrie Cemetery to help dig Orville Earl�s grave.
December 17: Earl�s funeral conducted by Lavern Rudolph.
December 18: Bev Toner wife died this afternoon.
December 20: Bill Runion buried.