Cottage Grove School, Caldwell County, Missouri

Cottage Grove School

Caldwell Co., Missouri
About 1934

This school was southwest of Cowgill. At the south edge of Cowgill, go west to the second road going south. Go south as far as you can. Go west 1/2 to 3/4 mile. The school was on the south side of the road. There were many oak trees which are all gone now.

Left to right --
Front row: Donald Pollard, Ruth Rader, Joan Mills, Joann McBee.
Second row: Charles McBee, Wallace McBee, Jack Switzer, Mary Evelyn Rader, Amanda Burns, William Pollard, Minnie Lee Kiehl (teacher).
Back row: Jack Yoakum.

The McBees were brothers and sisters. The Raders were sisters. Pollards were brothers. Amanda Burns married Wayne Goll. Joan Mills married Jack Hosman. Wallace McBee married Ruby Clevenger. Bill Pollard married Billie Pierson. Joan McBee married Charles Weddle, Jr. Minnie Lee Kiehl married and is still (2002) living in California. This photo was taken at the second Cottage Grove School which was probably built after World War I. The first school, built in the 1800s, was in a different location.

Thanks to Bill Pollard for sharing this school photo!

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