Breckenridge School, Caldwell County, Missouri

Breckenridge High School
Caldwell County, Missouri

Breckenridge High School has the oldest active high school alumni association in Missouri. It was organized in 1892.

Breckenridge Schools in 18961st - 2nd Grades, 1937-386th - 7th Grades, 1950
Class of 1912Class of 1939Class of 1951
Class of 1913Class of 19408th Grade, 1951
Class of 19213rd - 4th Grades, 1941Class of 1952
Class of 1923Boys Basketball 1942-43Class of 1953
Grammar School 1924Class of 1943Freshman Class of 1952
Girls Basketball 1927Class of 1945Jr. Girls Basketball 1952
Girls Basketball 1928BHS 1946-47Sr. Girls Basketball 1952
High School 1928-29BHS 1947-48Jr. basketball 1953
Boys Basketball 1928-29Class of 1947Boys Basketball 1953-54
Class of 1929Class of 1948Class of 1954
Class of 1931Class of 1949Class of 1956
Class of 19335th - 6th Grades, 1949Class of 1958
Class of 1938Class of 1950 

History of Caldwell and Livingston Counties, Missouri (1886), page 644:

"The public school building of Breckinridge. . . .was built in 1872 on a hill at the south end of Fourth Street. The building is of brick, two stories high, with a cut-stone basement, window caps and sills, the whole surmounted with a slate and tin roof of the Mansard style. There are four large school rooms, with a seating capacity of sixty pupils each. . . .the whole warmed by two of Kaser's hot-air furnaces in the basement. Dr. Montgomery Bottom has long been president of the Breckinridge school board, and to him much of the value of the school is due."

Thanks to Calvin Morgan of Breckenridge, Missouri, for sharing this photo!

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