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1. Index page;

1a. Site map;

2. Lenn*n bits and pieces - a discussion of the surname and variants;

2a. Lenn*n and Lann*n distributions in 1850 - mainly maps;

2b. Glennan and Glennon distribution in 1850 - Glenn*n maps;
Gl**n*n deaths in GRO index 1864-78 .pdf file;
Gl**n*n marriages in GRO index 1864-78 .pdf file;

2c. L*nn*n and Glenn*n references in FHC, Salt Lake City - old documentary sources;
Wills .pdf file;
Dublin directories .pdf file;
Historical surnames, by date, .pdf file;

2d. L*nn*n variants in GRO data - data on Lannan, Lannen, etc. and Lennon distribution maps in 1850 and 2003;

2e. L*nn*n: Early manuscript sources
Inisfallen transcripts .pdf file;
Rawlinson B.502 transcript .pdf file;

2f. Language: Mag, Mac, Úa, Ó, etc.

3. Donnybrook - locational information in Dublin;

Donnybrook surnames .pdf file;
Donnybrook scouts information file;
Donnybrook scouts names .pdf file;
Donnybrook altar boys information file;
Donnybrook altar boys names .pdf file;

4. Dublin & Kingstown Railway - the railway and movements;

DKR stations .pdf file;
Railway surnames .pdf file;

5. Lenn*n data - basic data on Lennan and Dublin Lennon;

Many christian name initials' .pdf and .html files;

5a. Lenn*n and variants world data;

6. Comments on Lenn*n data - Christian names etc.;

7. Descendants of John Lennan 1850 - my own Lennans;

7a. Lennan ancestor photos from 1870s;
7b. Carroll ancestor genealogy from 1770s;
7c. Carroll ancestor photos;
7d. Toner ancestor genealogy from 1830s;
7e. Toner ancestor photos;
7f. Casey ancestor genealogy from 1830s;
7g. Casey ancestor photos;
7h. Other related family photos;
7i. Descendants of James Lennan 1850-1920, genealogy;
7j. Descendants of James Lennan, photos;
7k. Descendants of William 1804-82 and John Lennan 1800-64 genealogy;
7l. Irish Times Lennans.

8. Dublin information - Streets in Dublin City and County;

Dublin City streets' .pdf and .html files;
Dublin County streets' .pdf and .html files;

9. Y-DNA project - the Glenn*n DNA project;

Lennan dna markers;

10. Links - many links.

11. Diarmuid Lennan page;

12. Deirdre Lennan page;

13. Lorcan Lennan-Calo page.

14. Ken Lennan photo page.

14a. Ken Lennan more photos.

15. Botswana 2003 trip photo page (on server).

15a. Botswana 2003 - Itinerary (on server).
15b. Botswana 2003 - Pictures from others (on server).

16. Ken & Patrice - Thailand trip, Christmas 2003 (on server).

17. South Africa 2004 trip photo page (on server).

17a. South Africa 2004 - Itinerary (on server).
17b. South Africa 2004 - Pictures from others (on server).

18. Senegal 2005 trip photo page (on server).

18a. Senegal 2005 - Itinerary (on server).
18b. Senegal 2005 - Pictures from others (on server).

19. South Africa 2006 trip photo page (on server).

19a. South Africa 2006 - Itinerary (on server).
19b. South Africa 2006 - Lennon Ltd. Chemists (on this server).

20. Sri Lanka & the Maldives 2006 trip photo page (on server).

21. California 2006 & 2005 trips photo page (on server).

22. Namibia 2006 trip photo page (on server).

22a. Namibia 2006 - Itinerary (on server).
22b. Namibia 2006 - More pictures (on server).

23. La Thuile, Florida & California 2007 trips photo page (on server).

24. Montenegro, Turin & La Thuile 2007-8 photo page (on server) .

25. Florida 2008 photo page (on server).

25a. Florida pelican 2008 - Pelican (on server) .

26. California 2008 photo page (on server).

27. England 2008 photo page (on server).

28. Italy, Dublin, Florida & Kilkenny 2009 photo page (on server).

29. California, Nevada and Kerry 2009 photo page (on server).

30. Mali 2009-10 trip photo page (on server).

30a. Mali 2009-10 - Itinerary (on server).
30b. Mali 2009-10 - More pictures (on server).

31. Florida 2010 trip photo page .

32. Ethiopia 2010-11 trip photo page (on server).

32a. Ethiopia 2010-11 - Itinerary (on server).
32b. Ethiopia 2010-11 - More pictures (on server).
32c. Ethiopia 2010-11 - Religious art (on server).

33. Sicily 2011 Easter trip photo page (on server).

34. California 2011 summer photo page (on server).

35. San Diego house photo page (on server).

36. Madagascar 2011 trip photo page (on server).

36a. Madagascar 2011 - Itinerary (on server).
36b. Madagascar 2011 - More pictures (on server).

37. Cooley 2011 photos (on server).

38. Greenore 2011 photos. (on server).

39. Iceland 2012 photos. (on server).

40. San Diego 2012 photos. (on server).

41. Greenore 2012 photos. (on server).

42. New Hampshire 2012 photos. (on server).

43. Greenore October/November 2012 photos. (on server).

44. Greenore Spring 2013 photos. (on server).

45. Ireland April/May 2013 photos. (on server).

46. Ireland June 2013 photos. (on server).

47. Ireland June 2013 (2) photos. (on server).

48. Ireland July 2013 photos. (on server).

49. Ireland August 2013 photos. (on server).

50. Ireland September 2013 photos. (on server).

51. Greenore, to England & Belgium September/October 2013 photos. (on server).

52. San Diego November/December 2013 photos. (on server).

53. San Diego January/February 2014 photos. (on server).

54. San Diego March/April 2014 photos. (on server).

55. Greenore April/May 2014 photos. (on server).

56. Greenore June/July 2014 photos. (on server).

57. Greenore August/September 2014 photos. (on server).

58. Greenore October/mid-November 2014 photos. (on server).

59. San Diego mid-November/December 2014 photos. (on server).

60. San Diego January/February 2015 photos. (on server).

61. San Diego March/April 2015 photos. (on server).

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