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Windmills, Zaanse Schans Museum, Netherlands
From painting by Gail Boyd

Gerald Dalder & Gloria (Boyd) Dalder, Tucson, Arizona


Note on the family name: Daalder to Dalder

Daalder with two "a's" was the original Dutch spelling of the family name and was used in the Gerald Dalder family until 1913 in Detroit, Michigan, where it appeared on the marriage certificate of Gerald's father, Jackson J. Daalder. The second "a" was subsequently dropped to become "Dalder."

The Family of Klaas Reijersz Daalder (1844-1927) and Cornelia Daalder (1846-1933)

Klaas Daalder was born Feb.22, 1844 in de Waal,Texel - an island about a mile off the northern mainland of Holland. He was trained as a carpenter. His father, Reijer Daalder was a farmer who was born and lived on the same island. Klaas was the first of sixteen children from the second marriage of Reijer to Catharina Klaas Kuiper.

On April 30, 1874 when he was 30 years old, he married Cornelia Jans Trap who was from the Eirland area of Texel, a polder or reclaimed land area in the north of Texel. She was born Jan.14, 1846. They first lived in the de Koog area on Texel where their first son Reijer was born on Feb.17, 1875. They had three more children while living in or near de Koog: Jan, born Mar.14, 1876; Pieter, born April 27, 1877; and Martje, born Nov.16, 1878.

The family then moved to de Waal where two more children were born: Johannes, born Oct.14, 1879 and Martinus,born May 22, 1881. Apparently there was not enough work to sustain the family of eight, so on June 6, 1883 they left Holland and emigrated to Montague, Michigan. They lived there for five years and Klaas was a house builder. They were probably influenced to move there by other Dutch settlers who heavily populated the western side of Michigan around the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo area where there was industry and expansion. Also, other relatives of Cornelia (the Traps) lived in the area. While in Montague, two children were born: Catharina, born June 13, 1884 who died just two months later; and Jacob, born Nov.4, 1886. According to Montague Christian Reform Church records, they moved to Grand Rapids in 1888 where the last child, Catharina (Carrie) was born, Oct.6, 1891.

The family lived at 168 Sinclair Street in Grand Rapids (1900 Census) and attended the Coldbrook Christian Reform Church where Carrie was organist from 1914-1950?. The first child,Riejer (Richard) lived at home until around 1900, he was then 25 years old. At that time he left home and according to his cousin, Clarence Passink, was lost at sea somewhere off the coast of South Africa during the Boer War. The 1900 census shows all the family living at home except Reijer. In the census Jan (John) is listed as a laborer, Pieter an upholsterer, Martje (Mary) a domestic laborer, Johannes (Joe) as a laborer, Martin a packer, Jacob as a "candy man" (he was 14 years old), Catharina (Carrie) in elementary school.

In the 1910 Census, the family is shown as living at 642 Sinclair Street. At that time only Johannes (Joe) and Carrie were living with their parents. Joe is listed as a maintenance worker in a furniture factory; and Carrie is a student, probably as a post high school music student. Neither Joe or Carrie ever married. Jan (John) married Florence Wainwright June 25, 1914. Pieter (Peter) married Eunice A. Knowles June 19, 1907. They both worked at the Kalamazoo State Hospital, he as an upholsterer and she as a nurse (1910 Census) . Jacob (Jack) also worked there as a clerk (1910 Census listed as age 22). Martinus (Martin) married Della B. ? (born 1878) he died Aug.17, 1912 and is buried in the family plot at

Fairplains Cemetery, Grand Rapids along with his wife. Mary married Peter Passink who had also emigrated from Holland. They were married around 1906. They had a child, Edward, who died Feb.1, 1914 who is also buried in the Daalder family plot. The 1920 census shows them living at 945 Thomas Street, Grand Rapids. Their children are:Clarence born in 1907, and twin girls Adeline and Margeurite born in 1909. Clarence (Clare) became a career army supply officer. He married and has a son Peter living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Peter is married to Mary (who is secretary for the U.of M. football team) and they have two daughters: Shauna and Winnefred. Adeline married Thomas VandenBosch and to them were born: Joann in 1930, Karen in 1940 and James Warren in 1945. Margeurite married John Huisinga and to them was born a son Jeffrey. The VandenBosch's and the Huisinga's live in the Grand Rapids area. Adeline has for many years worked for the Grand Rapids Press and still does part time. After high school, Jacob (Jack) briefly attended Valparaiso College (circa 1904). He then worked at the Kalamazoo State Hospital as a clerk (1910 Census) where his brother and sister-in-law worked.

Sometime after 1910, Jacob (Jack) moved to Detroit and worked as a hospital orderly (possibly in Pontiac, Michigan) where he met Pearl C. Congdon, born Dec.25, 1896 in Pontiac,Michigan, who did medical records transcription (possibly at the same hospital). They were married on June 24, 1913 and lived on Tillman Avenue in Detroit in 1924 when their first son was born. They later moved to Mark Twain Avenue in Detroit when their second son was born. On the marriage license he gives his name as Jackson J. Daalder. Sometime after they were married, he dropped one letter "a" from the last name to make it "Dalder". Jack started working as a furniture salesman at Scott-Shuptrine on East Jefferson in Detroit and made furniture sales his life's career.

Jack's brother John, was married in 1914 and lived in Detroit next door to his brother Jack according to John's daughter Evelyn. After the birth of John's first daughter Evelyn in 1915, they moved to Chicago where two more daughters were born: Marguerite in 1917, and Doris in 1928. Evelyn married William McGee, and a daughter Dorothy was born in 1934. They later moved to California. Dorothy married a Mr. Woods and they have five sons. Margeurite married John Burzloff and they had two children.

Jack and Pearl Dalder lived in Detroit and had two sons: Jackson (Jack and Gerald (Jerry). Both sons went to Wayne University in Detroit. Jack is an accountant Jerry a mechanical engineer. Gerald married Gloria Boyd and they have two sons and three grandchildren. They moved from Royal Oak, Michigan to Tucson, Arizona in 1990.

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