The Cochrane Family


My husband's family can be traced back to Capt. Isaac Cochran, a sea captain and trader who sailed out of Boston. He married Annis Dinsmoor or Dinsmore. Their son, Isaac Augustus Cochran, was born in Windham, NH on 27 Mar 1843, and married Adeline Francis Lewis on 29 Jun 1870 in Barnstable, MA. Isaac Augustus Cochran was a merchant, and one of the founding fathers of Melrose, MA according to a book published by the Melrose Journal1.

Isaac A. Cochran and Adeline Lewis had two children, William Lewis Cochran, (who later added the final "e" to the name, in order to be distinguished from the Irish Cochrans, according to family tradition), and Miriam Adeline.

William Lewis Cochrane married Isabelle Heywood Shapleigh, b. 24 Dec 1875 in Exeter, NH, according to the New England Register.2 Their two children were William Shapleigh Cochrane and Elinor Cochrane.

The Cochran(e)s were almost certainly descended from Scotch-Irish immigrants, who originated in Scotland (Clan Cochrane's seat is in Renfrewshire), and spent some time in Northern Ireland before emigrating to New England in the early to mid 1700s. A petition to Gov. Samuel Shute of Massachusetts from a group of Scotch-Irish would-be immigrants to the Bay Colony in 17183 was signed by several Cochranes. So far, however, we have not discovered any links to earlier ancestors than Capt. Isaac.

Some websites with information about the Scottish Clan Cochrane are:

The Cochrane Clan tartan can be seen in several websites. This one shows it best, in my opinion.

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3. Quoted in "History of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" by William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A.

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