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John Dobbeck Family History

These pages trace the descendants of each of John Dobbeck's earliest known ancestors. His ancestors lived in the vicinity of Kokotzko in West Prussia, now Kokocko in Poland. Simon Peter Dobbeck and two of his siblings (Friedrich Dobbeck and Emilie Dobbeck Waschke) immigrated to the Lorain, Ohio area in the 1880s.

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  August Martin Dobbeck and Hulda Amalie Fiedler Dobbeck

  John Dobbeck and Louise Pratsch Dobbeck

  John Dobbeck and Simon Peter Dobbeck

Map of Poland, showing location of Kokocko

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Dobbeck, Dobek, Doerks, Neumann, Szelinska, Szelinski, Waschke, Washka, Washke, Winckler, Winkler

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