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6. Martin WilhelmA Dobek (MichaelB) was born in Czarze-Busch, West Prussia, Prussia August 7, 1823. He was christened August 18, 1823 in Scharnese (now Czarze), Culm, West Prussia, Germany. Martin died 1869 in Kokotzko, Culm, West Prussia, Prussia, at 45 years of age. The death date is based on an index entry in the church books of Kokotzko Evangelische. The death records themselves are not on the LDS microfilm, and there is no other supporting information.

He married Petronella Winkler. Petronella was born March 8, 1826 in Borki, West Prussia, Prussia. Petronella was the daughter of Peter Winckler and Dorothea Seplin. Petronella died date unknown. She was christened 12 March 1826 in Scharnese (now Czarze), Culm, West Prussia, Germany.

Martin Wilhelm Dobek and Petronella Winkler had the following children:

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