Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Jacob Schone
United States
Agreement Stamp .05 {cents}

I Jacob Schone of Zelienople Butler County, Pa the owner in fee of the following described lot or piece of ground Situated in the Boro of Zelienople County of Butler and State of Penn. bounded and described as follows to wit.

Beginning at a post corner of Craig B. Wilson lot and Still house lane thence Northward along said lane Seventy five feet more or less to a post thence westward along Eckert Bentle lot to a paralell line with Craig B. Wilsons line seventy seven feet more or less to a post thence Southward along Eckert Bentle lot seventy five feet more or less to a post thence along line Craig B. Wilson and Eckert Bentle Seventy Seven feet eastward to the place of Beginning. Containing five thousand five hundred and Seventy five Square feet. And on which is erected a distillery about to be put in operation by Jacob Fiddler and George Stahl so hereby consent that the said premises may be used for the purpose of distilling Spirits. Subject to the provisions of law. And that in case of forfeiture of the distillery premisis or any part thereof the title of the same Shall rest in the United States.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 26 day of Nevember AD 1869.

Sealed and Delivered in presence of
S Nixon
George W Kneiss
Jacob Schoene

State of Penn & County of Butler SS. On this 26 day of November AD 1869 before me Recorder of deeds in and for said County personally came Jacob Schone and acknowledged the foregoing instrument of writing to be his act and deed for the purposes therein set forth and desired that the same might be recorded as such.
S Nixon , Recorder
Recorded November 26, 1869

Butler County Recorders Office: Butler County, Pennsylvania Deed Books: Volume 24, Page 73.
Transcribed by Kay Schaney December 21, 1999.

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