Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Article of Agreement - 1859
Jacob Shoenor and John Shonor (his son)

Article of Agreement ****** made concluded and agreed ** this seventeenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred and fifty-nine. (1859) between Jacob Shoenor of the Borough of Zelienople, County of Butler and State of Pennsylvania (Innkeeper) of the one part, and John Shonor (his son) of Marion Township, County of Beaver, and State of Pennsylvania (Farmer) of the other part as follows to wit:

The said Jacob Shoene for the consideration **** after mentioned, doth for himself, his heirs, executors and administrators, covenant, premise, grant and agree to and with the said John Schoene his heirs and assigns by such deed and deed of conveyance as he a they a his a this counsel and in the law, Shall advise will and sufficiently grant, convey, and assign unto the said John Schoene his heirs and assigns in f** simple clear of all encumbrance All that plantation or farm on which the said John Schoene now resides, Situate lying and being in Marion Township Beaver County and State of Pennsylvania with the reservation hereinafter mentioned of ********* Bounded by lands of Jeremiah Mayer Philip Brandenberger Remler and others containing one hundred and fifty acres of land be the same Men a ***, together with all and singular the buildings improvements and other the premises hereby named with the upper ********. In consideration whereof the said John Schoene for himself his heirs, executors and administrators

Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Deeds; Index S93, ARTL, vol 4, pg 56

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