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Letter to Grace White

I transcribed this as best I could from a photocopy of a very old document, from the Chester County PA, Historical Society. I don't know if this letter was ever received by the intended party, but in a way Uriah did contact his relatives, we, his descendants. - Kay Starr Schaney.

To Grace, whose maiden name was White, if she be living, that lived in Chippin Sodbury, Gloucestershire, Old England.

Or to any other person, whose surname is White, that lives in or near the above said place

____ With Care Speed.

Dear Relations; We whose names are here underwritten being desirous to hear from You, And in Order to inform You of whose Offspring We are, we shall give some Account here of some things, that both at this time come to our Memory concerning our Father, Nicholas White, To the Intent, that you might know of what Family he was of.

We have heard him say that his fathers Name was Edward White, who departed Life when the said Nicholas White was but Young, that his Mothers name was Grace, that they Lived in Chipping Sodberry in Gloucestershire, in Old England he also said to the best of our Memory, that he had six brothers two sisters alive, when he left England, Whose names were, Edward, Benjamin, Gideon, Reuben, James Uriah, whom he used to say was the Youngest of his Brothers to the best of our Remembrance, his two Sisters Names were Elizabeth, Grace, further we heard him say that he was Bound out Apprentice by his Mother for seven Years, to a Butcher, where he continued in that Occupation about five Years, but his Master Dying, he served no more of his time in that business, but went in sometime after, hired himself to a Brewer where he stayed some time to there to such Business as he could get an Honest Living After Some time it came into his mind to come unto Pennsylvania in North America.

In Order therefor, he Bound himself a Servant, to a Captain of a Vesel for four years, Arrived Philadelphia in Pennsylvania in the Year 1711;

Now all the above is what we have heard of our Father tell of, the Reason that it is so inserted here is, That if this Letter Should have Such __ Success, as to arrive Safe into the Hands of any of our Fathers Brothers, or Sisters, if any of them be Living particularly his Sister Grace, or to her Children if she had any, or to any of his Brothers, or their Children, or to any other person who knew him, or can Remember any thing of him, whilst he was in his Native Land, This is to let them know, that he was one of that family as above Described.

And Now, it is our Desire, to give you an account of our Father after his arrival into Pennsylvania where he was Sold as a Servant for Four Years, out of which Time his Master gave him One Year Six Months in Respect, of the good Service he had done unto him, in Some time after he was Married to a English Woman by whom he had Eight Children, Four Sons, four Daughters, two Sons two Daughters, Dy'd, when Young, the other four are yet Living, his first Born being a Son, he called his Name Uriah, In remembrance of his Youngest Brother that he left in England, which Said first born is now Living, It was him that Wrote the Letter;

But to Return; After our father was Married a Little while, he Bought a piece of Land of Wm Penn, the then propriator in Chief of the province of Pennsylvania, where on they Lived until Age, Reduced them past Labour, then they removed to their youngest Daughter, Mary, where they Departed this Life. But the Lord Greatly Blest their Youthful Industry, So that in a little time they had enough to Spare, whereby they were greatly helpful, both to their neighbors their Friends in Divers ways, So Continued unto the day of their Deaths;

Our Dear Tender Mother Departed this life on the 29th: day of the 5th: month of (17)62. And our Loving Father Departed this Life on the 15th: day of the 10th: month of (17)64. And in Consideration of their great care, and tender regard over us, whilst we were under their Tuition after we were Married left them, We look upon our Selves to be Greatly Short in our Duty as we had done our Utmost; And since the Lord hath Removed our Dear parents from us we Know not of any Relations in this Country, either by our Father, or our Mother, tho there be none here whose Surnames are of the Whites,

And amongst the Many thoughts Divers consideration it came into our Minds to write unto you, our Uncles our Aunts, if You or any of You be living, to our Cousins, with desires, that this Letter will be delivered into any of Your Hands, that some of you who are now Living, will be pleased to Send us a Letter, at the first Opportunity that may Sute You, With giving an Account how You are, in what part of England or elsewhere You live, who of you are now Living,

Which will be a Great Satisfaction to us, for we never did See to our Knowledge any Letter that our father received from any of you, But about 13 or 14 Years ago as nigh as we can Remember we were told by one our Neighbors that he saw a man in a Small Town called Derby, Seven Miles from the City of Philadelphia who he took to be a Capt of a Vessel, thats made some inquiry there, if any of them knew one Nicholas White that Lived at the Loadstone Quarry, they told him they did, He told them that he had a Letter for him, that was sent from his sister Grace, They told him that he was pleased to deliver them the Letter, they could readily give it to one of his Sons then he might Soon have it, But he Refused it Said that he was Ordered to make a delivery thereof with his own Hands, but Never did, nor neither did he Leave it in any other place in this Country, that ever yet we could hear of, tho' there has been a Great deal of Searching Enquiry made after it, nor neither did he tell, nor did these Men Ask what was his Name, So that we were all at a Loss in knowing the Contents thereof which we Should be very desirous to hear, if we Could Fulfill its Requests.

And Now to Conclude; If this Letter doth come to any of You, of Our Relations, we shall have Our Desire, in hopes, that we Shall hear from you, Or, let this be Opened by Whomsoever it May, We desire those, to Send, Direct, or Deliver these to some of those, as herein Described, So we conclude for this time, Tho' we Could make Mention here of many more things, that you might be desirous to hear. Buts more hereafter, of ever we have, as we Shall Deem it, a Great favor to Recieve a Letter from You, until then Remain, Your Unknown Cousins as to person, Yet Your well wishes.

Goshen the 29th: day 3d: Mo: 1765.

Uriah White Mary Garratt whose maiden name was White.

You must Excuse us for our Directions to you, because We know not where particularly any of You now Lives.

But You may direct to us Thus, To Uriah White Living in Goshen in Chester County in Pennsylvania, or to William Garratt Living in Whiteland near said place. To be left at Postoffice in Market Street Philadelphia.

This is the Second Letter we Sent, for fear of the Miscarriage of the First that was Sent by Geo: Fortin, Capt from Philadelphia to Bristol which was dated the 27th: 2d: Moth: 1765 the Contents thereof is much like the above.

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