Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Kay's Family History and Genealogy

John Smurthwaite - Obituary and Funeral

Steubenville Weekly Herald - June 25, 1875

DEATH - A large number of our citizens were surprised to learn and pained to hear, last evening, that Mr. John Smurthwaite, one of our well known and most highly esteemed citizens died at five o'clock P. M. yesterday, at his residence on Linden Avenue. Mr. Smurthwaite has been ill for some two months, his illness being first induced, we believe, from foul atmosphere, breathed while exploring a mine in Bellaire, and from the first date of his complaint his disease refused to yield to even the best medical skill, until death supervened. At the time of his death Mr. Smurthwaite was in the forty-third year of his age. He was overseer and manager of Averick shaft, now belonging to the Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal Company, having efficiently filled that position for ten years. He was an upright citizen, a beloved member of society, kind and courteous to all in both his social and business relations, and was considered one of the best practical miners in the country. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, of the Druids and Knights of Pythias, which orders together with the Star Hook and Ladder Company, to which the deceased also belonged, and the Phoenix and Reliance fire companies, will follow the remains to the grave.
The family and relatives of the deceased have the heartfelt sympathies of a host of friends in the city in this hour of their affliction.

Steubenville Daily Herald - June 22, 1875

Funeral of Mr. Smurthwaite. - The funeral of Mr. John Smurthwaite, whose death was chronicled yesterday, took place at 10 A. M. to-day, and despite the inclemency of the weather, was one of the largest ever held in the city - even in the excitement of war times. The various orders to which the deceased belonged, together with the fire companies, preceded the remains, on foot, making a quite lengthy procession. Following these were the ministers carriage, hearse, family and friends, and a long line of carriages filled with citizens. The largest representation of any single organization was from the miners, numbering nearly two hundred men.
The exercises at the house were conducted by Rev. Mills, of the Kramer chapel. The following were pall bearers:
From the Star Hook and Ladder Company - John Zimmerman, Mark Whittaker, From Knights of Pythias - Joseph Reese, Hugh Patterson, From Druids - Mahlon Seuren, George Masel, From Masonic - James H. Blinn. John Chapman.

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