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Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Jacob "Jake" Bensing
Brick and Tile Cutting Machine

Uncle Jake's invention - The Tile and Brick cutter, was the first U.S. Patent issued for a device driven by a conveyor belt, and it was the first patent by a Malinta resident.

The Faith, Heath, Root Company Plymouth, Ohio, manufactured the Bensing Tile Cut-Off Table.

Honeck's tile mill in Elery used one of the first on the market It was still in use in 1929.

E.R. Reed had three houses built of bricks made in Malinta. Before the first two were finished he had such good offers that he sold them. These were the houses now occupied by Hopkins and Shanks. The third house he and his family got to live in. That is the one presently occupied by Radabaughs.

Eighty 4-inch tile were purchased from A. Honeck and Son on November 20, 1916, at $1.20, that is 1 1/4 cent. a piece. One T and 3 elbows cost a total of 40 cents.

These are **Large** 8 1/2 x 11 Graphics of the Patent

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