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The Tucker Family of Virginia and Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Allen Tucker (Abt. 1755 - 1835) was born Abt. 1755 possibly in Virginia, and died February 16, 1835 in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married Martha Coppock who was born July 11, 1773 in Virginia or Maryland and died October 04, 1852 in Adams Township, Ripley County, Indiana.

In the 1791 Tax list, Moon Township., Allegeheney County, Pennsylvania are listed: Tucker, James; Tucker, William; Tucker, William (At that time, Moon Township included much of western Allegheney County and much of what became Beaver County south of the Ohio River.)

Allen Tucker first appears on the Beaver County, Pennsylvania 1800 census and is found in the Sewickley Township Tax lists in 1802-3, in 1803 he has 198 Acres.

At the February session of the first grand inquest (jury) in 1804, Allen Tucker of Sewickley was recommended to keep a public house of refreshment in the county.

The first services of the Unionville Methodist Church were held in the house of Allen Tucker, by the first preachers of the congregation, Rev. William Kerr and Rev. Charles Thorn. The first members were - Allen Tucker and Martha, his wife, George and Grace Champion, John Ferguson and wife, and Adam Johnston and wife. The place of preaching was soon changed to Samuel Burns', near Brush creek, in New Sewickley township, and after some time a log-house called Myser's (Muster's?) meeting house was erected about one mile south of Unionville.

Arthur Dunn (born about 1811, Maryland) was co-executor with Martha Tucker on the estate of Allen Tucker when he died February 1835. According to an Orphans Court document, Arthur sold Allen Tuckers property and items and took the money for himself and "absconded with money".

Known Children of Allen and Martha (Coppock) Tucker are:
Martha, William, Eleanor and David.
Possible additional children are: Jonathan, Edward, Samuel and John (these names are all mentioned in various Beaver County Resources, and may be related to this family.)

Eleanor Tucker (1791-After July 1860) daughter of of Allen and Martha (Coppock) Tucker married in Pennsylvania, Abt. 1805, Samuel Burns (1776-1853). They resided in New Sewickley Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Please see The Burns Family page for their family and descendants.


I have very little additional information on this Beaver County Pioneer family, if you have a connection, please Contact me.


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