The Sayre Family - Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Kay's Family History and Genealogy

The Sayre Family Bedfordshire, England, Long Island, New York, Essex County, New Jersey, Monongalia County, Virginia, Meigs County, Ohio

Thomas Sayer

William Sayre ( -1564)

William Sayre (Abt. 1550-Bef. 1581)

Francis Sayre (Abt. 1570-1645)

Thomas Sayre (1597-1670)

Daniel Sayre ( -1708)

Samuel Sayre (Abt. 1685-Bef.1707)

Daniel Sayre (1705-1760)

David Sayre (1736-1826)

Sarah Sayre (1780- ) married Benjamin Thorn (Abt. 1770-Aft 1830)

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