Kay's Family History and Genealogy

Kay's Family History and Genealogy

The Reichelderfer Family of Reichelsdorf, Germany, Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and Salt Creek Township, Pickaway County, Ohio

Johannes Veit Reichelsdorffer was born in Reichelsdorf, Bayern, Germany, He married Cadarina (___). He is recorded as having owned land and paid quit-rents, prior to 1734, in Hanover Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; he had at the time 100 acres of land.

Children of Johannes Veit and Cadarina Reichelsdorffer are:
Frederick Jacob and Heinrich

Frederick Jacob Reichelderfer ( -1759)

Frederick Reichelderfer and his brother, Henry Reichelsdofer, settled in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania about 1740, or prior to that date.

On the 14th of February, 1756, the Indians came to the house of Frederick Reichelderfer, shot two of his children, set his house and barn on fire, and burnt up all his grain and cattle. Thence they proceeded to the house of Jacob Gerhart, where they killed one man, two women, and six children. "Two children slipped under the bed, one of which was burned; the other escaped, and ran a mile to get to the people." When the intelligence of this murder had reached Maxatany, many of the Inhabitants of that township repaired to Albany, to see what damage had been done; while on their way they received accounts of other murders: "When," says Jacob Levan, In a letter to Mr. Seely, February 15, 1756, "I had got ready to go with my neighbors from Maxatany, to see what damage was done in Albany; three men that had seen the shocking affair came and told me that eleven were killed, eight of them burnt, and the other three found dead out of the fire. An old man was scalped, the two others, little girls, were not scalped."
Monnette, Orra Eugene , Monnet Family Genealogy , (C.E. Bireley Company Publishers, Los Angeles, California, 1911), Page 917

"February 15, 1756.
Mr. Jacob Levan:
I cannot omit writing about the dreadful circumstances of our township, Albany. The Indians came yesterday morning, about eight o'clock, to Frederick Reichelderfer's house, as he was feeding his horses, and two of the Indians ran upon him and followed him into a field ten or twelve perches off; but he escaped and ran towards Jacob Gerhart's house, with a design to fetch some arms. When he came near Gerhart's he heard a lamentable cry, "Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus!" which made him run back toward his own house; but before he got quite home, he saw his house and stables in flames; and heard the cattle bellowing, and thereupon ran away again. Two of his children were shot; one of them was found dead in his field, the other was found alive, and brought to Hakenbrook's house, but died three hours after. All his grain and cattle are burnt up. At Jacob Gerhart's they have killed one man, two women, and six children. Two children slipped under the bed; one of which was burned; the other escaped, and ran a mile to get to the people. We desire help, or we must leave our homes.
Valentine Probst." (Brobst)
( History of Berks County , 1886)

Fredericks will was probated November 13, 1759. He names his brother, Henry Reichelsdorfer and Andreas Hagenbuch; also, his wife, Christina, and one son, John Adam Reicheldorfer, at the same time mentioning other children.

Johannes Adam Reichelderfer (1741-1810)

Johannes Adam Reichelderfer, born December 26, 1741 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania; died August 30, 1810 in Salt Creek Twp., Pickaway County, Ohio. He was the son of 2. Frederick Jacob Reichelderfer and 3. Christina. He married Anna Elizabeth Hagenbuch Abt. 1774 in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Andreas Hagenbuch and Anna Maria Margaretta Friedler.

Children of Johannes Reichelderfer and Anna Hagenbuch are:

Maria Catherine , Barbara Hagenbuch , John Adam, John Christian, Henry, Maria, Magdalena, Anna Elizabeth, Jacob, Andrew and Susannah

Barbara Hagenbuch Reichelderfer (1776-1836)

was born April 15, 1776 in Berks County, Pennsylvania and died August 09, 1836 in Salt Creek Twp., Pickaway County, Ohio she married Johan Jacob Spangler June 10, 1794 in Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA.

Please visit the Spangler Page for their family and descendants.


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