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Kay's Family History and Genealogy

The Kackley Family of Steinhelm, Wurenberg, Germany, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Frederick County, Virginia

Jacob Kackley (1702-1788) was born 1702 in Steinhelm, Wurenberg, Germany, and died February 16, 1788 in Frederick Co. VA. He married Alice Speillman. She was born 1717, and died 1805 in Frederick Co. VA. They are buried in St. Johns Lutheran Church, Frederick Co., VA.

They settled briefly in Lancaster Co. PA; then moved to the east side of the Great North Mountain, near Mt. Williams, Frederick County, VA. The "plantation house" mentioned in his will, in 1788, is now part of Shawnee Land Lodge. Allegedy, the house was built in 1750. They were among the early settlers to Frederick Co.

Children of Jacob Kackley and Alice Speillman are:
John, Jacob, Valentine, Benjamin, Elias, Elizabeth and Mary.

Elias Kackley (1748-1818) was born 1748 in Frederick Co., VA and died 1818 in Mtn. Falls, VA. He married Catherine.

Children of Elias Kackley and Catherine are:
Mary and Abraham.

Mary Kackley (1770-1838) was born April 19, 1770 in Frederick Co., VA, and died December 08, 1838 in Monongalia Co., WV. She married Abraham Shriver May 31, 1791 in Frederick Co. VA, son of Johan Adam and Christina Schreiber. Please see the Shriver Family page for their family and descendants.

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