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The Hitchcock Family of England,
Connecticut and Trumbull County, Ohio

Tidal and Mary (Polly) Cowdery Hitchcock

Tidal and Mary (Polly) Cowdery Hitchcock

Our Ancestors in England

In 1894 when Mrs. Edward Hitchcock, Sr., published The Genealogy of the Hitchcock Family who are Descended from Matthias Hitchcock of East Haven, Connecticut and Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, Connecticut, (Amherst Mass., 1894) any effort to trace Matthias, Luke and Edward Hitchcock to their English ancestors had failed.

The Hitchcock family was supposed to have come originally from Wiltshire, England, where they were located from the time of William the Conquerer. The word "Hitch" is an old nurse name for Richard, and "Cock" is the ordinary diminutive.

Since then it has been reported that the three brothers descended from Richard Hiscockes of All Cannings, Wiltshire. I've found this information a few places on the Web, I haven't checked into the sources yet. Here are a couple links if you'd like to look at the infomation:
The Hitchcock Family on The Kansas Heritage Server, submitted by Stephen Chinn; and the Jennings Genealogy Page.

Our Ancestors in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Matthias Hitchcock (1610-1669) was born 1610 in Wiltshire, England, and died November 16, 1669 in New Haven Colony (now known as New Haven, Connecticut). He married Elizabeth ___. He emigrated at the age of 25, from London to Boston on the bark "Susan and Ellen" in the spring of 1635. He first settled in July 1636, in Watertown, Massachusetts, where he received, twenty-three acres of land in the "Great Dividends."

Most likely influenced by the speeches of Rev. Thomas Hooker, who was a critic of the authoritarian politics of the Massachusetts colonies, and had a more democatic outlook, Matthias sold this land in 1639 to D. Patrick, and removed to New Haven Colony .

In 1639 Matthias Hitchcock's name appears in the records of New Haven, Connecticut, where he was among the original signers of the Fundamental Agreement, or Original Constitution of the Colony of New Haven, June 4, 1639. (This was the the first written constitution known to history.) He was also one of the purchasers of "South End Neck" now known as East Haven, Connecticut, where he lived after 1651. Matthias will was dated November, 1669.

Children of Matthias and Elizabeth are:
Eliakim, Nathaniel, John and Elizabeth

John Hitchcock, (1650-1716) , son of Matthias and Elizabeth Hitchcock of New Haven, Connecticut, was one of the original proprietors of Wallingford, Connecticut, which was founded in 1670, he was living there by 1676. He calls himself "landowner, yeoman or planter." He married 1st, January 18, 1670, Abigail Merriman, born April 18, 1654, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel and Joan (Olney) Merriman, who was one of the first settlers of Wallingford. He married 2d Aft.1696, Mary Thompson, daughter of John and Ellen (Harrison) Thompson.

Children of John and Abigail are:
A Daughter, Samuel, Abigail, Mary, Nathaniel, Margery, Elizabeth, John, Matthias , Hannah, Damaris and Benjamin.

Matthias Hitchcock (1688-1763) , son of John and Abigail (Merriman) Hitchcock was born May 26, 1688 in Wallingford, Connecticut, and died about February 1763 in Wallingford, Connecticut. He married 1st, December 27, 1710, Thankful Andrews daughter of William and Hannah (Parker) Andrews. He married 2d, Deborah (Barnes), widow of Josiah Tuttle, and daughter of Thomas and Abigail Barnes. He married, 3d, January 10, 1754, Widow Sarah Hough.

Children of Matthias and Thankful are: Matthias, Nathaniel, Valentine, Oliver , Jason, William, Thankful, Matthias(2), Ebenezer, Tabitha, Nathaniel(2), Enos and Hannah.

Oliver Hitchcock (1716-1790) , son of Matthias and Thankful (Andrews) Hitchcock, was born November 14, 1716 in Wallingford, Connecticut and died July 14, 1790 in Wallingford. He married 1st, October 19, 1744, Thankful Parker daughter of Eliphalet and Hannah (Beach) Parker. He married 2d, September 29, 1773, Widow Anna Munson.

Children of Oliver and Thankful are:
Mary, Thankful, Rebecca, Hannah, Oliver, Sarah, Damaris, Dinah, Jestina, Daniel , Jason, Joash and Moses.

Daniel Hitchcock (1763-1810) , son of Oliver and Thankful (Parker) Hitchcock, was born 1763 in Cheshire, Connecticut and died April 02, 1810 in Barkhamstead, Connecticut. He married about 1785 in Canton, Connecticut, Chloras Ursula Mills, daugher of Ezekial and Ursula (Phelps) Mills of Canton, Connecticut. She married 2d, Ambrose Cowdry of Hartland, who was the father of her Daughter-in-law Mary (Polly) Cowdery, wife of Tidal Hitchcock.

Children of Daniel and Chloras Ursula are:
Ursula, Daniel and Tidal .

Our Ancestors in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Tidal Hitchcock (1796-1865) , son of Daniel and Chloras (Mills) Hitchcock was born April 30, 1796 in Barkhamstead, Connecticut, and died September 10, 1865 in Delightful, Trumbull County, Ohio. He married Mary (Polly) Cowdery daughter of Ambrose and Mary (Reed) Cowdery of Hartland, Connecticut, August 10, 1819.

Soon after their marriage they moved in an ox wagon to Franklin, Pa. They had one horse, which the young bride rode. After a short stay in Pennsylvania, they moved to Vernon, Trumbull Co., Ohio. They lived successively in Bristol and Farmington, Ohio; in Venango Co., Pa. and in Geneva and Braceville, Ohio. Tidal died at the home of his son, John F. C., at Delightful, Ohio, Sept. 10, 1865. After his death his wife lived several years with her daughter Vashti Rote, in Monroe, Wis., then returned to the home of her son, John F. C., where she died March 10, 1870. Both were buried at Delightful. Joshua R. Giddings, a prominent Ohio statesman, was a close personal friend of theirs for many years.

Children of Tidal and Mary (Polly) are:
Milton S., Linus C., Lyman C., Daniel Mills , Vashti C., Ursula R., John F.C., Edmund C. and Alvin C.

Daniel Mills Hitchcock (1828-1878) , son of Tidal and Mary (Polly Cowdery) Hitchcock, was born June 21, 1828 in Venango County, Pennsylvania, and died June 21, 1878 in Johnston, Trumbull Co., Ohio. He married Margaret McElravy, daughter of Cornelius McElravy, November 7, 1850, in Venango Co., Pa. They resided in Johnston, Trumbull Co., Ohio.

Children of Daniel and Margaret are:
Vashti I., Edmund C., William C., Lucius E., Herbert Calhoun and Adelbert C.

Herbert Calhoun Hitchcock (1866-1934) , son of Daniel Mills and Margaret (McElravy) Hitchcock, was born August 24, 1866 in Johnston Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio, and died 1934 in West Farmington, Trumbull Coounty, Ohio. He married Zella Marie Dunbar, daughter of Fayette and Mary (Otis) Dunbar, Feb. 7, 1892, in Trumbull County, Ohio.

Children of Herbert and Zella are:
Harry C., Bernice M., Frank F., Marcus H. , Vera I. and Luta M.

Marcus "Ike" Hannah Hitchcock (1898-1977) , son of Herbert Calhoun and Zella Marie (Dunbar) Hitchcock, married Olga Varie Brobst in Warren, Ohio, Dec. 28, 1918. Before retiring in 1962, Marcus was employed 45 years in the transportation department of Republic Steel Corp., Warren.

Children of Marcus and Olga are:
Donovan Agnew, Anita Euthurne, Martha Thiel, Gloria Joy , Marchetta Gwen, Wan Doyle, Enola Mae, Elwin Conant and Kaye Arlen.


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