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Shaddock GenConnect Boards:


Shaddock Query Board

Shaddock Bible Records Board

Shaddock Biographies Board

Shaddock Deeds Board

Shaddock Obituaries Board

Shaddock Pensions Board

Shaddock Wills Board

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send a message to either [email protected] to receive each message as it is posted or to [email protected] to receive the digest compilation of the day's messages.

    Robert Kline runs the Shattuck list: [email protected] or [email protected] .  Click on a link to subscribe.

Rootsweb's cluster of resources for Shaddock


Shaddock pages on this site:


Descendants of Frederick MIZE and Sarah SHADDOCK (mostly in Alabama)


Shaddock pages on the internet:


Robert Kline's Shattuck and Ward Page--mainly in New England

Origins of the Shattuck name--also on Robert Kline's site

Linda Rogers' Shaddock Pages--Samuel and Prudence Shaddock, SC<AL<AR<TX

Shaddock World Wide Web Page--from Rick Shaddock, a bit of everything Shaddock!

Carol Smith's Genealogy Home Page--including Samuel Shaddock and descendants, SC<AL<AR<TX


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