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North Carolina
Chowan Co 8 Jan 1714 John Howcott assigned by Francis McLendon a patent of land on the NS of Albermarle River at Indian Town.
Chowan Co 17 Jan 1715 Edw Howcott to Edw Moseley, Esq 40 acres N side of Chowan river "Red Bank" joining Thomas Bray.  Land bought of Lewis Moseley. Source:#1 DeedBook B #1,  p. 100.
Chowan Co  By 1715 Edw Howcott, Esquire had been appointed by Governor's Committee to be a Justice of the Peace for Ye Precinct of Chowan
Chowan Co 19 Jul 1715 John Howcott sold Chowan River land
Chowan Co 1717 Tax List - Ed Howcott, 200 acres 1 pole. #16 p. 745
Chowan Co  18 Jun 1717 Wm Williamson to Edw Howcott 168 acres joining Williams, Col Pollock, William Hooker, Wm Jr, F Mclendon, J Dobson, Captain Downing. Source:#1 Deed Book B #1 p. 126
Chowan Co 22 Jul 1717 Richard Williamson to Edw Howcott 250 acres joining Gavin
Laughley on Chowan River.  I, Edw Howcott do assign the sale unto Andrew Stevenson. #1 Deed Book B #1, p. 126
Chowan Co 22 Jul 1717 Francis Mclendon & Eliner to Edw Hocott 200 acres at mouth of Vixes swamp joining mouth of Bear Branch. #1 Deed Book B #1 p. 126.
Chowan Co 28 Jul 1717 Francis Mclendon & Eliner to Robert Hicks Letter of attorney to acknowledge tract of 200 acres by deed to Edw Howcott. #1 Deed Book B #1 p126.
Chowan Co 30 Mar 1717 Edw Howcott & Ellinor, his wife to John & Ann Smith 50 acres on W shore upon Sandy Run by Indian Path at a beaver Dam. Witness William Downing #1 Deed Book B #1 p. 127.
Chowan Co  22 Jul 1717 Richard Williamson to Edw Howcott 640 acres Golden Plains joing Wm Hooker Jr. Witness Richard Malpass and John Howcott. #1 Deed Book B #1 p 127
Chowan Co 31 Oct 1717 Edward Howcott & wife Ellinor, sold to John Smith. #1 Deed Book B #1 p.127.
Chowan Co 5 Apr 1718 John Howcott and Mary, his wife to Samuel Woodward 50 acres joining a Pocosin and a swamp. #1 Deed Book B #1 p. 133
Chowan Co 12 Aug 1718 Edw Howcott and Elliner, his wife to Charles Gavin for another tract of land -640 acres on W side of Golden Plains, joining Wm Hooker, surveyed by James Boon and patented by Richard Williamson on 24 Jan 1715. #1 Deed Book B #1 p. 146.
Chowan Co 17 Oct 1719 Beal Brown to Edward Howcott  200 acres N side Ahotsky Swamp, with Thos & Rebecca Hardy. #1 Deed Book W  #1 p 48.
Chowan Co 17 Oct 1719 Edward Howcott to Beal Brown 640 acres On Reedy Branch, Below Meltons Cabbins. #1 Deed Book W #1 p.48
Chowan Co  10 Jan 1720 Beale Browne and Sarah Browne to Edw Howcott 450 acres Ahoske swamp, joining Edw Howcott, Joseph Jones & Charles Jones. #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 64.
Chowan Co 18 Apr 1720 Edw Howcott & wife, Frances to Richard Malpass 390 acres N side of Neuse river at head of Gatlin Creek Wit: John Howcott, Wm Williamson. #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 56
Chowan Co 19 Jul 1720 Edw Howcott witness Wm Thompson to Luke Holliwell, Son-in-law & dau Elizabeth.  #1 Deed Book F #1 p.61.
Chowan Co 22 Jul 1720 Aaron Oliver and Edw Howcott, Admstrs of estate of Henry Sutton inventory for Eleanor Early. #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 61, 62.
Chowan Co  20 Jul 1720 Edw Howcott to John King of Nansemond Co, Va assignment of patent.  Witness John Howcott. #1 Deed Book F #1 p.62.
Chowan Co 7 Dec 1720 Edw Howcott to Francis Branch 170 acres Land Howcott bought of John Robertson lying in Rockohock Neck. #1 Deed Book F #1 p 64.
Chowan Co 17 Apr 1721 Edw Howcott and Tameo, his wife to Charles Sowell 640 acres by Chowan river Pocosin. #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 65.
Chowan Co  17 Apr 1721 Edw Howcott and Tamar to John Parry of Nanesemond Co, VA - 250 acres on Wicacon pocosin - surveyed for George Gladstaine- assigned to Wm Browne who dying assigned to his son Beale Borwn, the said Beale Brown assigned to Howcott.  #1 Deed Book F #1 p.66.
Chowan Co 15 Apr 1721 Elizabeth Sowell, wife of Charles to Edward Howcott Power of attorney to make over to John Jordan all rights in a certain plantation. #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 67.
Chowan Co 18 Apr 1721 Tamar Howcott, wife of Edward gave to John Jordan POA #1 Deed Book F #1 p. 66 & 67.
*County Note* Part of Chowan Co fell into Bertie Co when it was formed from Chowan in 1722
Bertie Co 19 Aug 1723 Edward Howcott sold to William Williamson. #7 Deed Book A Vol. 1 p. 15.
Bertie Co 10 Nov 1725 Edward Howcott of Chowan sold to John Perry of Nasemond, VA. #7 Deed Book A, Vol I. p 15.
Chowan Co 28 Jul 1732 John Howcott made will  and died between this date and 12 Sept 1733 when will was probated.  Named sons: Edward, John, Richard,and Nathaniel and daus Elizabeth Branch, & Mary.  Mary, his wife was made executor.
Bertie Co 10 May 1737 Court Minutes: John Howcott to Edward Howcott, John Howcott to Wm Williamson, Wm Williamson to Jno Howcott. #10 Court Minutes, p. 91.
Bertie  26 Sep 1737 Edw Howcutt and wife Elizabeth to brother John Howcott. #9 Colonial Bertie Co. Vol I. p 195.
Bertie  26 Sep 1737 John Howcutt from Wm Williamson. #9 p. 195
Bertie  26 Sep 1737 John Howcutt to Edward Howcott. #9 p. 195
Beaufort 22 Jun 1743 Edw Howcott witness to will of Walter Davey #9 p. 195
Bertie  11 Aug 1743 Edw Howcutt of Beaufort to John Edwards 340 acres of Bertie Co land located on Rocky Swamp #9 p 268.
Beaufort Co  19 Jan 1749 Edward Howcott LWT Mar Court 1750; Wife, Martha, Eldest son William, mentions Bath town, Son Edw, Son Nathaniel, Martha Executor
Bertie  18 Sep 1749 Mary Howcutt to John Wynns - She is relict to John Howcott #9 p. 310.
Bertie   Mar 1750 Edward Howcutt, LWT dated 19 Jan 1749/50, Probate March Court 1750. #10 p. 45.
Bertie  9 Feb 1753 Mary Hocot, Inventory of Estate, Proved May CT 1753. #2 Vol II
Chowan Co 11 Nov 1753 John Bonner, planter of Chowan Co LWT Prob Jan Ct 1754 mentions cousin William Howcott, my two sisters Elizabeth and Mary Howcott, Cousin Edw Howcott, Sister Sarah Howcott, Sister Marthe Howcott and Brother Thomas Bonner.
Johnston Co  2 Apr 1762 Edward Hocut witness Richard Tyner sale to Gideon Holmes #12 Deed Book B-1 #165, p 28.
Johnston Co  29 Jan 1762 Edward Hocut witness to Richard Tyner sale to James Jordin Proved by Edw Hocut at Apr Ct 1762 #12 Deed Book B - 1 #131, p 22.
Johnston Co  19 June 1762 Richard Tyner to Edw Hocut 300 acres lying on NS of Little River. #12 Deed Book B - 1 #148 p. 25.
Pitt Co.   1762 Edward Hocot #5 NC Taxpayers, p 99.
Pitt Co  1764 Edward Hocot #5 NC Taxpayers, p. 99.
Johnston Co  5 Oct 1764 Edward Hocut to Robert Trawick 100 acres on NS Little River   Signed Edward Hocut #12  JoCo Deed Book D - 1 #687 p 111
Pitt Co  1766  Tax List - Edward Hocot, 2-6-8
Johnston Co  10 Jul 1766  Edw Hocut, witness sale Lewis Liles to James Lee. #13 Kinfolks  Deed Book E - 1 #60 p 11
Johnston Co 27 Dec 1768  William Hocot and Richard Hocot witness to sale by Gideon Holmes to Lewis Liles # 12 Joco Transcript TR -1 # 478 p 81
Johnston Co 19 Jan 1769 Will of Joseph Garner, Sr Prob Aug Ct 1772 mentions wife, Prudence, Sons Joseph Lazorus, and William.  Daughters: Sarah Whitley, Ester Hocut, Prudence Powel, Charity Honeycut, #13 Kinfolks Transcript -1 p 4.
Wake Co Dec 1771 Richard Hocut - work on road leading from Little River to Marks Creek with Wm Wilder, Matthew Wilder, Joseph Wilder, Smuel Wilder
Wake Co 1771 Edward Hocut work on road with Wm Wilder, Samuel Wilder, Josiah Crudup and second Edward Hocut.
Wake Co Mar 1775 Processioners: Owner Edward  Hocat, 250 acres. Those present were Edward Hocat, Jesse Wooten.
Johnston Co 20 May 1783 Micajah O'Neal & wife Elen to Wm Hocut 325  Acres on NS Little River joining John Price. #13 Kinfolks Trancript -2 #145 p 18.
Johnston Co 12 May 1783 William Hocut bought 325 acres of land on the N side of Little River
Johnston Co  1784 William Hocut on Tax List with 571 acres and 3 poles
Johnston Co  12 Feb 1785 William Hocut bought from his brother Edward Howcott of Wake County 100 acre plantation lying in the County of Wake and a small corner of Johnston Co.
Johston Co 24 Feb 1787 William Hocut Jr  #4 NC State Census 1-1-2, p 78.
Johnston Co 1 Mar 1787 Wm Hocut Sr on Jury duty.
Johnston Co 30 May 1787 Wm Hocut security bond for Wm Richardson & Zech O'Neil
Johnston Co  1787  William Hoccot, State Census with 3males 21-60, 1male under 16 and 3 females. #4 NC State Cenus  3-1-3, p 83.
Johnston Co 28 May 1788 Wm Hocut, Jr Insolvent for 1787
Wake Co  21 Nov 1789 Marriage: Elizabeth Hocot to Wm Rabourn. #6
Johnston 21 Nov 1789 Marriage: Elizabeth Hocot to William Oneil. #3 p. 210.
Johnston Co 30 Nov 1790 Marriage: Sarah Hocot to Samuel Strickland. #15
Johnston Co 2 Mar 1791 Inventory of Estate - William Hocut
Johnston Co  30 May 1791 Wm Hocut - Distr of Estate Gulley, Hackney & James Shaw
Johnston Co May 1791 Will of Wm Hocut dated 1789, probated May 1791.  Names wife, Saffire, son, Wm Brown, daus Elizabeth, Marymile, and Sarah.  #14 Probate - Will Abstracts p 48.
Johnston Co 31 Aug 1791 Mary Miles Hocut - Benjamin Hill apptd Guardian of orphan of William Hocut. #14 Will Abstracts
Johnston Co 30 Nov 1794 Sarah Hocut to John Woodard. #3 p. 210
Johnston Co  5 Apr 1795 Marriage: Wm Brown Hocot to Aley O"Neil. #3 p 210
Johnston Co 7 Oct 1796 Marriage: Polly Hocot to Wm Rabourn. #3 p 210
Johnston Co 10 Dec 1796 Wm Hocut witness to Josiah Talor sale to Nathan Stansell. #13 Kinfolks Deed Book W-1 #194 p 55.
Johnston Co 25 Feb 1800 Wm Hocut witness Green Rogers of Wake to John Hinnant, Bryant Hinnant & James Hinnant, heirs of Richard Hinnant, deceased of JOco - 200 acres on BS Reedy Br #13 Kinfolks Deed Book D - 2 #15 p 70.
Johnston Co  17 Nov 1818 Benjamin Hocutt withness to Allen Richardson of JOCo sale to John Chamblee.#13 Kinfolks Deed Book K - 2 #209 p 113
Johnston Co  27 Dec 1822 Wm B Hocut & Ann O'Neal sell to Alsey Nichols, Wake Co #13 Kinfolks Deed Book  M-2 #174 p 133.
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