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    As always, please send me any information you would like to share!

    - Updated our database!!  1,527 Kirkmans.  Yet again I used a different program to generate the HTML pages.  This one has one page per family in a group sheet style.  It also builds a better index that is NOT broken up into 15 person chunks.  Please let me know what you think.
    - Updated the Other KIRKMANs who have Web Pages page
    - Currier & Ives lithograph of Thomas Kirkman's winning horse [~1845]
    - Blurry picture of a coupon for Kirkman Soap Chips
    - Getting so much info about John Kirkman, Alderman of London that I built a bio page for him [Thanks again Tony, and thanks for the new info Stephen Kirkman!]
    - Picture of a Kirkman Harpsichord 1756 [Thanks Stephen Kirkman!]
    - Water color containing the Kirkman Piano Forte Building [Thanks Stephen Kirkman!]
    - added a bio of Terry Kirkman of The Association, writer of the #1 single, "Cherish"
    - added 16 North Carolina marriage bonds [Thanks Pam Donahue!]

    - Added history of Kirkman, Iowa, U.S.A [Thanks Kay Kirkman!]
    - Added a magazine cover of Boone Kirkman (boxer)
    - Added a picture of laundry woman matches holder [Thanks Kay Kirkman!]
    - Two positions of Chinaman Kirkman Soap card: 1, 2
        (the position of his arms move) [Thanks Kay Kirkman!]
    - Pic of Kirkman & Son soap trading card [Thanks Kay Kirkman!]
    - Pic of Kirkman Engineering Corp. fuse case
    - Pic of Kirkman Soap Cleanser cans

    - an update to the John Kirkman, Alderman of London story [Thanks Tony Kirkman!]
    - Capt. Robert Kirby Kirkman, WWI Ace, bio / story [Thanks Tony Kirkman!]
    - added an obit that mentions Hattie Kirkman
    - added an obit that mentions Mrs. Clarence Kirkman
    - 60th anniversary notice of Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Kirkman, 1927 [Thanks John Krall!]
    - Blessed Richard Kirkman thrown in dungeon - on misc. page
    - added an obit for Terry Lane Kirkman (June, 1999)

    - added a new Bible Records page
    - added a new Poems by and about Kirkmans page
    - 8 new WV census records (not all complete)
    - 10 new VA census records (not all complete)
    - 1 new entry on the earliest page (no source)
    - 15 entries on the Immigrations and Passenger Lists page (no source)

    - added 4 more miscellaneous records
    - added 1 more Maryland marriage record
    - alphabetized the Vital Records Index and added a new "Letters" area (1 letter).
    - a new page! Kirkman Places, Kirkman Buildings, Kirkman Companies
    - a Kirkman-descendants mailing list has been created.  Join if you are interested
    - bio/obit of James Speding Kirkman, archaeologist [Thanks Stephen Kirkman!]
    - bio of Mary LAWSON Kirkman (1823-1899) [Awesome! Thanks Dave Lehmann!]

    - Newspaper abstract of sale of real estate of Levin Kirkman of Dorchester Co., Maryand, 1794
    - New Virginia Land page  (Francis Kirkman, 1669) also added to Earliest page
    - bio of Robert A. Kirkman of Indiana [thanks John Krall!]
    - bio of John Kirkman of Indiana (son of John Kirkman and Mahala DILLON/DILLEN) [thanks John Krall!]
    - updated 1649 record of George Kirkman on the Earliest Kirkmans page.
    - added English tidbits to Earliest Kirkmans page.
    - added an interesting story to the interesting story page (well I wouldn't add a DULL story!)

    - Added a new page about the earliest Kirkmans known [please send me anything you have]

    - Added a page regarding the Kirkman/Wesley connection

    - 1 new NC marriage record  [thanks Janine!]
    - 1 new probate record on the wills page  [thanks Debbie!]
    - 1 new IL marriage record  [thanks Debbie!]
    - 9 new IL census records  [3 from Debbie, thanks!]
    - 1 new cemetery record
    - 1 new death record
    - 2 new obituary records
    - 1 new will record
    - 3 new KY deed records

    - I have put up a picture of myself in case you want to know who you are dealing with
    - The Marriages were getting confusing so I split them up geographically
        - 4 new IL marriage records
        - 1 new NC marriage record
        - 1 new CA marriage record
    - 4 new NC land records
    - 9 new KY land records
    - 8 new IL land records
    - 2 new miscellaneous records
    - 5 new death records
    - 3 new probate records I have added to the wills page
    - 2 new IL census records
    - 3 new NC Census records
    - 1 new TX census record on new Texas Census Page

    - Added a picture of Arthur Kirkman b.1836

    - Added a picture of the laundry ladies
    - Updated some Kirkman links
    - Created a new page for California Census records
    - 1 new IL Census record
    - 2 new marriage records
    - 1 new cemetery record
    - 8 new death records
    - 1 new probate record on the wills page
    - Update the Vital Records page so that there are links to all these pages I made (oops!)
    - 1 new MD land record
    - 1 new military record

    - 13 Kentucky Kirkman Census Records (thanks to Karen Combs!)
    - Actually added links to the new census and land pages I made yesterday (oops!)
    - Added more marriage records (NC, KY, MD, IL)
    - Added one more miscellaneous record
    - New page of Maryland Census data
    - Added 3 new MD land records
    - Added 2 military records (IA,OH)
    - added 1 new IA census record
    - Added 3 IL census records
    - New page for 5 IL land records
    - New page for 1 PA Census record

    - Added IL, KY, TN, NC Census data
    - Added some new Miscellaneous data
    - Created a new page - Kentucky Land Records
    - Added a new Marriage record
    - Added some new Cemetery records
    - Created a new page - Newspaper Items about Kirkmans
    - Added an obit for Marshall Monroe Kirkman
    - Created a new page - Kirkman Death Records

    - Updated my database!  1,242 Kirkmans.  Also used a different program (GED2WEB) which shows the ancestors and descendants of whomever you are looking at (if I have the data).  Let me know what you think.
    - Updated the Vital Records index page
    - Created the Cemetery page
    - Updated the Military page
    - Updated my bio page

    - Added Miscellaneous vital record category and a record.
    - Added a few Marriage records
    - Added an Obituary for Jane Burton Kirkman

    - Added explanation of these plain pages to the Purpose page.
    - Added some new Kirkman www links.
    - Added 12 more Kirkman Maryland land records.

    - Added some Tennesee census info courtesy of Susan Wilkins.
    - Added some new Kirkman www links.
    - Added a link to a biography of Thomas Penyngton Kirkman (Mathematician).
    - Added a link to a memorial biography of Hadley Kirkman, Ph.D..
    - Added a link to another Kirkman genealogical site (Danish line).

    - Corrected the Land index page and the Census index page.  I spelled Missouri incorrectly and I had the brand new state of New England and left off New Jersey.  Come on people, you're supposed to tell me these things!
    - Added land records from Louisiana.
    - Added land records from Arkansas.
    - Moved the Virginia land records to the West Virginia page and added a few more deeds.
    - Added census data from Missouri.
    - Added census data from Illinois.
    - Added census data from North Carolina.

    - Added a land deed from West Virginia.

    - Added a new KIRKMAN Deeds of Trust page.

    - Added description of the coat of arms
    - Updated my online dB - grew to over 5,000 idividuals so the program I was using to generate the web pages wouldn't work any more so I had to use another.  We now have 1,099 Kirkmans in the dB.
    - Updated the Wills page.
    - Added some Maryland land records from the 1660's.
    - Added some new links from the vital record page to include an Immigration/Passenger List page and also a Tax Record page.
    - Updated the text files for the KIRKMAN births, marriages, deaths, and burials so that only Kirkmans with information are listed.

    - Added some links to the KIRKMAN mailing list member's web pages

    - Created the KIRKMAN Land Records page. (MD & NC so far)
    - Created the KIRKMAN Wills page.
    - Added to the KIRKMAN Vital Records index.

    - Created the KIRKMAN Census Data page.
    - Created the KIRKMAN Obituaries page.
    - Added another interesting story to the KIRKMAN Story page.
    - Added Boone Kirkman (boxer) to the KIRKMAN Biographies page.
    - Added Leven Kirkman to the KIRKMAN Biographies page.

    - Updated the mailing list subscribe & unsubscribe pages to make it a whole lot easier.

    - Whoa!  I signed up to host a Forum of our own.  Try our own KIRKMAN Forum!
    - Updated the "Other KIRKMANs who have Web Pages"
    - Added someone else's Kirkman Family Forum to "Genealogical Links"
    - Added some pictures of Kirkman Flakes laundry detergent to "KIRKMAN Related Graphics"
    - Fixed my pedigree so the links work - "Russell KIRKMAN's Pedigree"
    - Added this page!

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