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Jacksonville Sentinel [newspaper] May 15, 1857:
transcript of delinquent land taxes for the year 1856 remaining due and unpaid on May 1st, 1857
E. Kirkman   E1/2 SE sec 3,  80 ac.
"              N sec 3, 156 ac
"              E1/2 NE sec 10, 80 ac

Feb 5, 1858: Kirkman farm a few miles south of town containing
about 317 ac sold at auction on Monday last (Feb 1) at $40 an ac. Total

Weekly Jacnsonville Sentinal Oct 17, 1862:
Third Monday of November next. Claims against estate of Elijah Kirkman, jr. dated 19 Sep 1862, James Kirkman adm.

Jacksonville Sentinal, June 4, 1858:
Sheriff's Sale David Robb vs. Elijah Kirkman jr., & James Kirkman - Thomas S. Laramore vs. Elijah Kirkman, jr., & James Kirkman.

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ESHM  March 4 1794 - Chancery Sale of real estate of Levin Kirkman. Robert, Peggy and Nancy, orphans + heirs of Levin, Late of Dorchester Co.  Blackwalnut Landing, 245 a., within 4 to 5 miles of Vienna - James Shaw, trustee
[- Maryland Eastern Shore Newspaper Abstracts 1790-1805 by F. Edward Wright, Vol. 1, pg 89]
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J. Frank(lin) & Emily Scott Kirkman, Westfield, Hamilton Co. IN, 60th anniversary 1927

Mrs. Herschel DOVE, Westfield, entertained at dinner, Dec 26th, in honor of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank KIRKMAN, observing the 60th anniversary of their marriage. The guests were children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. KIRKMAN and it was a notable and happy occasion for these very fine folk, who have traveled life's road together a greater number of years than the average span of human life.

Mr. and Mrs. KIRKMAN were married in the home of Mrs. KIRKMAN's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James SCOTT, one mile northwest of Westfield.

Mr. KIRKMAN was born in Guilford county, North Carolina. He was 82 years old April 1st. He came to Indiana in 1866. He was the only child and was left an orphan when 3 months old.

Mrs. KIRKMAN was born near Westfield and was 80 years old the 5th of September. Of the nine children in her family only four are living.

Mr. and Mrs. KIRKMAN are the parents of nine children, all living except one. They are Robert and Ade KIRKMAN, of Westfield; Linden KIRKMAN, of Deland, Florida; Nora, deceased; Jennie CLARK, of Logan, Kansas; Earl KIRKMAN, of Noblesville; Tillie HOWE and Clara STENZEL, of Indianapolis, and Nellie BURTON, of Carmel. They have 23 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

They are members of the Westfield Methodist church. With the exception of six years, which were spent in Kansas, they have resided in Westfield and vicinity all their lives. There are only two persons living who attended their wedding, Rev. Josiah Pennington, of Indianapolis, and Alex SCOTT, of Westfield, a brother of Mrs. KIRKMAN.

The Ledger joins with the many relatives and friends in extending congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. KIRKMAN, hoping they may have many more years of life together.

[Noblesville Daily Ledger, Tuesday, December 27, 1927.]
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