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[Below is a very interesting letter from George W. Kirkman to Wilson M. Cary. Among other things, what I find interesting about this letter is that it was typed with a typewriter in January of 1894.  That's 20 years after the first typewriter was invented.  Take from this letter what you will.  The dashes '-' are in the letter.  I have also tried to preserve the spacing/format.

I photocopied this letter from papers in the "Cary Collection" held by the "Maryland Genealogical Society" in Baltimore, Maryland in October of 1995.]

"Mr. Wilson M. Cary
915 N. Charles St.                                           Benicia Barracks, CA
Baltimore, Md.                                                Jan. 15, 1894

[handwritten on page: "Answer mailed Feb 5. 10 p.m."]

          Dear Sir:---
                          I have been referred to you by Mr. Mendes Cohen
of the "Maryland Hist.Society"-as being able to assist me in my search
for information about one of my ancestors who resided for some time on
the eastern shores of Maryland.  If it is not too much trouble to
you,-may I ask if you will kindly assist me ? I make this request as a
matter of business.
I wish to know if I can find any trace of Charles Kirkman,Esq.-of his
son Thomas Kirkman.-or his grandson the Rev.George Kirkman--all of
whom lived for some time in Maryland.             The Rev.George Kirkman
and his son-LevenKirkman(who was born in Md.)moved to North Carolina
from near Baltimore,I believe.
I can not say,even approximately,the dateswhen they were in Md.--but
it was probably between 1735 and 1785.   Charles K---came to Md.af-
ter his cousins-the Wesleys-left Georgia--where he had been with them.
He had relatives in Md.--one of whom-Major Thomas Kirkman-of the Regu-
lar English Army-married Barbara Carroll-(a sister of Charles Carroll
of Carrollton):Major K---was Charles K--'s 1st or 2nd cousin,I dont
know which.
If,by research,you can find any trace or mention of any of these Kirk-
mans-giving any information concerning them, I will be very glad to re-
munerate you for your time and trouble.  Doubtless,you have access to
early histories,lists of emigrants,inhabitants,etc.that may enable you
to get some mention of them. Please let me hear from you soon,-and ob-
lige,-- Yours truly,
              [signed "Geo. W. Kirkman
                               Lieutenant, U. S. Army"]
Have you ever run across any Wycherlys in history of Maryland?."


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