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Page last modified Saturday, 14-Aug-1999 17:14:07 MDT

We have two mailing lists now.  Click on the links below to take you to which one you are interested in.  Join one, join both!

The first mailing list is called KIRKMAN.  It is a list for sharing Kirkman genealogical information.  I post any updates to these pages there.  As of 14-Aug-1999 we have 40 subscribers.
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The second mailing list is called KIRKMAN-DESCENDANTS.  It is for those of your who are interested in the descendants of Dorchester Co., Maryland's Geroge and Elizabeth Kirkman.  We will will attempt to build the family tree from the ground up, documenting ALL the sources of information.  As of 14-Aug-1999 we have 0 subscribers.  (Hey, it is SO new I haven't joined yet!)
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