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KIRKMAN Crest (jpg)

Picture of Arthur Kirkman, his wife Agnes Perry and his son Oliver Alfred Kirkman.  Arthur was born October 24, 1836 in Bolton Le Moor Lancashire, England.  His father was Robert Kirkman born March 22, 1811 and his mother was Alice Bromley born abt 1813.  The Kirkman Family moved to the US settling in Peoria, Illinois in abt 1855.  Arthur Kirkman later moved to Whatcom County in Washington state settling in Nooksack.
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Please see the Kirkman Soap Company page.

KIRKMAN FLAKES (front of box)
KIRKMAN FLAKES (back of box)
KIRKMAN FLAKES (close up of name, back of box)
KIRKMAN Borax Soap Ad?  (Laundry ladies - sign is very faint on the lower left)

Kirkman & Son soap trading card (Mary had a little lamb poem)
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Picture of laundry woman matches holder
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Kirkman Soap Chinaman (mechanical card) - position 1 - position 2
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Kirkman Soap Cleanser cans
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Coupon for Kirkman Soap Chips [blurry]
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Boone Kirkman magazine cover (boxer - see his bio)
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Kirkman Manufacturing fuse case
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Although horse-racing prints constituted one of the larger classifications of Currier & Ives publications, there is one outstanding title: PEYTONA AND FASHION . It was published very shortly after the event took place and is thus one of Nathaniel Currier's earliest efforts. It portrays the running of a race in a series of contests between the North and the South. In 1842, Fashion, 5 year-old chestnut mare representing the North, had defeated Boston, representing the South, by the time of 7 minutes, 32 1/2 seconds to 7 minutes, 45 seconds for four mile heats. Three years later, in the race pictured, Peytona, owned by Thomas Kirkman of Alabama, won over the then 8-year-old Fashion. Time 7:39 3/4 - 7:45 1/4. This race was both sketched and put on stone by C. Severin.

     Titles say IN THEIR GREAT MATCH FOR $20,000. OVER THE UNION COURSE L.I. MAY 13TH 1845, WON BY PEYTONA Time 7:39 3/4 7:45 1/4 PEYTONA red Chestnut, Rider, Blue jacket. Black cap. FASHION light Chestnut, Rider, Purple jacket, Green cap.
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A picture of your host (June, 1999), Russell Kirkman

Here is a picture of one of the Kirkman harpsichords.
It is under the care of Finchcocks Historical Keyboard Instrument Collection, Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent.
The harpsichord is made by Jacob Kirckman, London, 1756
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A watercolour in the custody of the British Museum. It is a view of "East Side Soho Square Looking South" painted by J
Hosmer Shepherd.

The building with the coach drawn up outside is number 3 Soho Square which was the showrooms for the Kirkman Harpsichord business (and I believe one of  their private residences) from 1830 to 1892. The building was demolished in 1903.
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