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Kirkman, Fra., Biliopol., Clar. 1673, aet. 41. (Biog. Dram.; MS)
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Frances Kirkman in 1673 wrote a book about Mary Carleton
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1557 Kirkeman John, Easterkeale, Lincoln
            48 Wrastley
[Wills of Canterbury 1383-1558]
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7/11/1697 Simon Peter Kirkman + Joan Temple
[Marriage License of London 1660-1700]
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Kirkman, Kyrkeman', Herry, citizen + vinter, St. M.M.O.F   1487
Kirkeman', Robt., rector, St. Martin Vintry; nuncupative.   1472
Kyrkman, Wm., chantry priest, St. Lawrence Jewry  1475
[Testamentary Records in the Commissary Court of London 1374-1488]
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Kirkman, William, Gorleston, 1693
[Index of the Probate Records of the Court of the Archdeacon of Suffolk 1444-1700]
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United States of America

"Early Settlers of Maryland" by Gust Skordas:
  Melcher Kerckman, transported 1661
  Melcar Kirkman, [Liber (book) 17, Folio (page) 347; Service 1672. Of Dorchester Co.]
  Roger Kirkman, [Liber (book) 7, Folio (page) 529; Transported 1664. Transported means someone else paid passage and person acted as a servant & was entitled to 50 acres when done.]

  Frances Kirkham, transported 1659, servant
  George Kirkham, transported 1673
  Henry Kirkham, transported 1678
  Roger Kirkham, transported 1663
  William Kirkham, immigrated 1669, of Dorchester County
[It's possible that the Kirkhams and Kirkmans had names interchanged.]
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"Thomas Walker: Patt: 500 acres for transporting Mary Sewell, Elizabeth Hide, Thomas and Mary Coates, George Kirkman,
Benj. Cooke, Wm. Horne ... and others ... to habitate province.  Land laid out called 'Courtisie' on Delaware Bay in
Dorchester County in neck called Prime Hooks.  Record bearing date at London July 2, 1649.  Wistness, Charles Calvert."
[From the Maryland Genealogies and Historical Recorder, Vol XI, p 10, Sect 69:]
[text from Kirkman Family Record by Wilbur Daniel Kirkman, Feb, 1955]
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Virginia land patent that in which Aquakeeke is called an Annocoston Indian town. It is a patent of 3,500 acres issued to William Horton and Francis Kirkman and dated Sept. 3, 1669 (Virginia Land office Patents, Liber VI, p.73)
[Maryland Historical Magazine Index- 33:144]
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[Name, Age, Port, Year, Extra Stuff?]
Richard, , Pennsylvania, 1682, 8370-205
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