Descendants of JOHN D CLEMONS

Descendants of JOHN D CLEMONS

Generation No. 1



A news paper clipping about the death of John D. Clemons

J. D. Clemons, an old resident of Springwater, died at his home about three miles east of the valley, on Tuesday last. His death was the result of an injury received while engaged in drawing timber from the woods about one week ago. It was not at first thought to be serious, but owing to the late severe storm and blockade of the roads by snow, physicians were unable to be in attendance, and when Dr. Becker visited him on Monday, he found the injury of such a character that a surgical operation was deemed necessary. Accordingly Dr. Richmond of Livonia was called and an operation performed, but too late to save his life.


2. i. FRANCES2 CLEMONS, b. April 5, 1853, Springwater NY; d. February 3, 1941, Hemlock NY - burried Union Cem Livonia NY.

Generation No. 2

2. FRANCES2 CLEMONS (JOHN D1) was born April 5, 1853 in Springwater NY, and died February 3, 1941 in Hemlock NY - burried Union Cem Livonia NY. She married GEORGE ALONZO WEMETT February 7, 1872, son of JOSEPH OUIMET and ELIZABETH WELCH.


Interested in music all her life. Taught piano & organ. Played for the Methodist Church.Graduated from Sherwood Musical Academy in Lyons NY in 1869.


Mrs. Francis Wemett, 85 veteran music teacher, who teaching finger exercises to grandchildren and great grandchildren of her former pupils has now thought of retirement.

She started giving music lessons as a girl of 16 in the rugged locality of Springwater, following graduation from a course of music at Lyons Academy in 1869. She pleasantly recalls 41 names of pupils recorded in her 69 year old book. She drove about from home to home, in all kinds of weather, with a horse and buggy. On Sunday she played a little cabinet organ in the Baptist church.

She married at 19 and except for short periods has taught music ever since.

"Music was my hobby. I love children and I never get tired and lose my patience with them," asserted our silver-haired musician, whose fingers are still nimble on the keys of her old fashioned square piano.

Mrs. Wemett has one son living, Clarence Wemett of Hemlock, a foster daughter Mrs. Everett Heyward, of West Bloomfield, 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

This is a newspaper article with the title "TEACHER NEAR 86TH BIRTHDAY"

Hemlock-A 70-year period of music teaching is the record of Mrs. Frances Wemett, veteran music teacher of the Hemlock area, who will observe her 86th birthday.

This octogenarian is teaching finger-exercises to great-grandchildren of former pupils. In one corner of her pleasant living room filled with mementos of a lifetime of music teaching is an old-fashioned square piano at which three generations of children have learned the rudiments of music. "Children aren't much different now than they were in my earlier days of teaching. They still don't like to practice," she sighed.

When 16 she began her musical career as a teacher in the rural locality of Springwater, following completion of a course in music in Lyons Academy in 1869. Days when parlor organs and melodeons were the rule in the homes of her pupils and when music teaching meant logn hours of hard travel over country roads through the deep drifts of winter are all a part of her memories.

She was born in Springwater Apr. 18, 1853. When 19 she married George Wemett, who died 10 years ago. She has a son, Clarence Wemett, living in Hemlock and a foster daughter, Mrs. Everett Hayward of West Bloomsfield. She has 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Marriage Notes

Marrage produced two sons who died in infancy.

Produced one son known to be named Fred. Died at age 3.


i. AULSA3 WEMETT, b. 1902; d. 1987; m. EVERTT HAYWOOD.
ii. CORRELL E. WEMETT, b. August 23, 1879, Hemlock NY; d. July 2, 1937, Lima NY buried Honeoye Falls NY; m. CORA BURMEISTER, April 15, 1900.
iii. CLARENCE ELMER WEMETT, b. February 26, 1885, Hemlock NY; d. November 21, 1961, Hemlock NY buried Union Cemetary Livonia NY; m. (1) ADA HELEN JENNINGS, April 5, 1910, Hunts Hollow NY; m. (2) ANNA ELIZABETH JENNINGS, October 16, 1935, Geneseo NY Methodist Parsonage by WJ Brown.