14 Mar 2002

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Arthur Finn Bowen was born 1871 in Blackstone, Virginia

Cookie Harper

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Betsey Maria Bowen was born on June 1, 1819 in Brooklyn, Susquehanna County, PA, June 1, 1819

Kim Branagan

joelbowen1.jpg (1165 bytes) Betty Bowen Turner and other Bowens Larisa L. Malone
bowendw2.jpg (1165 bytes) Don W Bowen born 4 Jan 1923 in Ogden Weber Utah and died 3 May 1993 Wendell Bowen

edbowen1.jpg (1836 bytes)

Ed Bowen was born on July 3, 1907 in Pontotoc, Ms

Donna Bowen Tate

bowenfj.jpg (1836 bytes)

Franklin John Bowen was born on 26 Nov 1854 in Aberdare, Glam, S. Wales and died 17 Sep 1924 in Yreka, Siskyu, Ca

Wendell Bowen

bowenfl.jpg (1836 bytes)

Franklin Lawrence Bowen was born on 8 Jan 1891 in Tuscarora, Elko, Nev

Wendell Bowen

Fredmildred1.jpg (2891 bytes)

Fred and Mildred Bowen plus an unknown Bowen. Fred was born on April 2, 1891 in Osceola Mills, PA

Judy Metzger Can you help Judy
with information on these Bowens?

georgebowen1.jpg (1486 bytes)

George Marion Bowen was born on June 17, 1874 in Flag Pond, TN

Mike Bowen

whbowen1.jpg (1649 bytes)

Henry William Bowen was born on December 27, 1850 in Eaton County, MI

JoAnn Osborn

bowenjd.jpg (1836 bytes)

John David Bowen was born 9 Apr 1819 in Llanelly Carm, S. Wales and died 7 Sep 1885 in Contra Costa, Matnz, Ca

Wendell Bowen

Johnb1.jpg (2421 bytes) John Robert Bowen was born in Warrensburg, Missouri on Dec 10, 1874. Margaret
photos/knbowen4.jpg (2421 bytes) Ken Bowen was born in 1945, died July 13, 2001. Donna Bowen Tate
Leo1.jpg (1169 bytes) Leota Sparks Bowen Danielle Bowen

raybowen1.jpg (1815 bytes)

Ray Herbert Bowen was born on December 7, 1889 in Rice Co, Ks

Arlene Bowen Jones

PHBR003.jpg (1902 bytes)

Rebecca Ballantine Sweeney was born 1812 in England

Charilette Rae Sweeney

kittle11.jpg (2357 bytes)

Richard Bowen's Manor & Mary Bowen's place of worship. Richard arrived in Massachusetts in 1639

Jack Wilson

bowenrc2.jpg (1141 bytes) Richard Calvin Bowen was born on April 15, 1847 in Flag Pond, Unicoi, TN; died October 24, 1927 in South Point Twp, Gaston Co, NC Mike Bowen

robert1.jpg (1592 bytes)

Robert Moore Bowen was born on Nov 3, 1883 in Philadelphia, PA

Linda Bowen Ramirez

tlbowen1.jpg (1515 bytes)

Thomas Lake Bowen was born abt 1845 in South Carolina

Bernard Bowen

Walter_Bowen3.jpg (1213 bytes)

Walter Bowen was born on April 7, 1870 in Pontotoc,Ms

Donna Bowen Tate

WilliamBo1.jpg (1921 bytes) William Bowen was born in 1793 in Bennington, Vermont. MaryRose Bowen

Bowen1.jpg (2064 bytes)

William Cornelius Maguire Bowen was born 1855 in Missouri.

Marguerite Mason

Grandp2.jpg (1738 bytes) William Franklin Bowen was born in Paterson, NJ and is buried in Norwich, NY Patricia J Land

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