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Family Tree of William Thomas Kaye

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Family originated in Patrick, Isle of Man, where all marriages, births and deaths took place until 1900 when William Thomas Kaye and Eliza Edith Kaye moved to Fleetwood, Lancashire.

John Key = (1728) Ann Karran
1703-1775 // 1710-1788

Thomas Key = Alice Quane
1729-1797 // ?-1818

John Keigh = (1785) Ann Carran
1764-1794 // 1765-1851

Thomas Key = (1804) Margaret
1786-1866 // 1784-1853

Thomas Key = (1836) Isabella Watterson
1806-1862 // 1812-1860

William Kaye = (1872) Elinor Fargher
1848-1878 // 1850-1911

William Thomas Kaye = (1899) Eliza Edith Kelly
1873-1938 // 1876-1936

Thomas Alfred Kaye = Marjorie Gordon

William Thomas Kaye = Irene Ashton

Gordon Thomas Kaye and Gavin William Kaye

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As I said it is abbreviated considerably, but illustrates how the spelling of the family name has changed over the centuries. I believe that the Kayes lived in Patrick for at least 100 years earlier and then the name was probably McKee.In 1408, Scymund McKee and Fyntt McKee signed and sealed a Declaration against a claim of Sir Stephen Lestrop to be heir to the late deceased Lord of Mann.

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