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Tim Geary's Family Tree

Descendants of Joan Kaye

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Generation No. 1

1. JOAN1 KAYE was born Abt. 1522 in England, and died WFT Est. 1554-1616. She married EDWARD HANSON WFT Est. 1538-1568 in , , England, son of JOHN HANSON and AGNES SAVILE. He was born 1520 in Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England, and died 16-December-1601 in England. Child of JOAN KAYE and EDWARD HANSON is: 2. i. THOMAS2 HANSON, b. 1552, England; d. 01-August-1623, Elland, York, England.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS2 HANSON (JOAN1 KAYE) was born 1552 in England, and died 01-August-1623 in Elland, York, England. He married KATHERINE BROOKE WFT Est. 1565-1598, daughter of THOMAS BROOKE and JENNITH HIRST. She was born 1547 in England, and died WFT Est. 1569-1641 in Elland, York, England. Child of THOMAS HANSON and KATHERINE BROOKE is: i. ELIZABETH3 HANSON, b. 1550, Mowsley, Leicester, England; d. WFT Est. 1568-1644; m. WILLIAM HORTON, WFT Est. 1566-1598, Halifax, Barkisland, Yorkshire, England; b. 1550, Firthouse, Halifax, England; d. 1640, Suffolk, New York.

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Descendants of John Kaye

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 KAYE; Came From: Thorpe (near Almondbury) Child of JOHN KAYE is: 2. i. DOROTHY2 KAYE.

Generation No. 2

2. DOROTHY2 KAYE (JOHN1). She married THOMAS CROSLAND 12-February-1581/82 in Almondbury, son of THOMAS CROSLAND and MARINA HAWKSWORTH. He was born 23-August-1561, and died 17-February-1624/25. He was buried 17-February-1624/25. Marriage Notes for DOROTHY KAYE and THOMAS CROSLAND: query marriage date 1582 or 1587 Children of DOROTHY KAYE and THOMAS CROSLAND are: i. THOMAS3 CROSLAND, b. 09-March-1583/84, Almondbury; d. October-1639; m. MARY. ii. GILES CROSLAND, b. 05-February-1583/84. iii. MATTHIAS CROSLAND, b. 02-September-1599. iv. WILLIAM CROSLAND, b. 28-November-1594. v. NATHANIEL CROSLAND, d. Abt. 1649; m. JAYNE STYVERS. vi. JUDITH CROSLAND, b. 1598; m. DR. JOHN BOOTH. vii. LUCRECE CROSLAND, m. JOHN HIRST, from Greenhead, Huddersfield. viii. GRACE CROSLAND. ix. SARAH CROSLAND. x. DOROTHY CROSLAND, b. 15-November-1595; d. March-1633/34; m. THOMAS BROOKE, from Newhouse, 24-January-1623/24. xi. ELIZABETH CROSLAND.


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