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In Memoriam

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Ralph Leonard Kaye

November 14, 1912-April 5, 2001

KAYE, RALPH LEONARD at Port Dover, Ontario, passed away Thursday, April 5, 2001, in his 89th year. Deeply devoted and loving husband of the late Zeitha (Honey). Dear brother of the late Wilford Kaye; the late Norman Kaye; the late Mildred Pearl Scott (nee Kaye); the late Violet Irene Mitchell (nee Kaye). Lovingly remembered by brothers Bruce Kaye and Vernon Kaye. Dear uncle of William Dean Scott, Dwight, Ontario; Evan Blaine Scott, Sprucedale, Ontario; Marlene Glenace Ehret (nee Scott), Newcastle, Ontario; and the late Adrienne Mildred Barber (nee Scott); as well as numerous other nieces and nephews.

He rested in the Versa Care Centre in Port Dover with the funeral service in the chapel. The burial was at Waterford on Tuesday, April 10, 2001.

Ralph was the son of Charles Robert Clinton Kaye (1884-1964) and Letitia Mary Carr (1885-1936). He married Zeitha Maxine Honey November 25, 1944, at the United Church Parsonage at Tyrell. They had no children. They lived eight years in Hamilton and then RR#2 Hamilton. In 1967, they moved to Port Dover and lived in the Honey family home on Main Street. Ralph and his father were both carpenters and worked in partnership from 1939-1964. Ralph completely retired in 1977.

In 1979, Ralph completed his research on the Kaye name and put it into a little book called "Search For Kaye." He enjoyed, immensely, this exciting and absorbing time of discovery with his brother Wilford, and together they traveled gathering information. Before the advent of computer research, Ralph's effort at gathering the information was no small thing, and he wrote and received a great many letters to compile his data. We, his extended family, owe him a debt of gratitude.

On a personal note:

Ralph was a wonderful storyteller and if he did occasionally embellish the odd detail, Aunt Zeitha would laugh and say, "Oh Ralph, it didn't quite happen that way." With a great big smirking twinkle, he would quip, "Yes, but isn't it much more interesting this way?" He would love for people to visit and sit out on the front porch, which was right on the main street of Port Dover. From there, he could entertain with the history of the town, some local gossip and the colorful stories of the interesting characters that went by the door.

Ralph Kaye on front porch with niece Marlene Ehret

Ralph never really got over Zeitha's death, but tried his best to stay independent, living on in the house they shared. Six years after Zeitha's death, everything was still as she had left it. Only when he collapsed at home alone, was he reluctantly forced to loosen his grip and enter the Versa Care Nursing home. The house sold immediately. I think in a way he was almost relieved. It had been too hard for him to voluntarily part with his and Zeitha's home. As well, he suffered a great deal in the last years from his heart and pain in his legs.

The following is an excerpt from his last letter to me:

A person spends their teen years learning how to go about getting it. All during middle life they are busy getting it, and then in old age, they give it away, or sell it, or spend it: throw it away, burn it, scrap it, and if any one says, 'oh isn't that nice', you reply it's yours, take it.

When you leave this world you can't take anything with you, so enjoy.

Uncle Ralph: Thank you for your gift to us of the "Search For Kaye." Until we meet again, your memory will continue.

Written by Ralph's niece, Marlene Glenace (Scott) Ehret

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