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KAYs in Lancashire, England

KAYE/ KAYs in Yorkshire, England

KAYs in Lancashire, England

The following site contains information which was extracted from the International Genealogical Index (IGI) for the County of Lancashire, England, maintained by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints (1984 ed.).

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KAYE / KAYs in Yorkshire, England

Extracts from the IGI, Yorkshire, England (March 1992)

Collected and submitted by Suzan & Frank Kaye
SurnameGiven NameFather/Mother/Spouse/RelativeType of RecordEvent DateTown / Parish
KAYRichd.Peter Kay / AnnC02 Jan 1814Sheffield, Cathedral St. Peter
KAY Richd.Ann FoxM03 Jan 1762Sheffield
KAYRichd.W. Kay / Elizth.C06 Jun 1841Patrick Brompton
KAYRichd.Willm. Kay /C28 Jul 1766Fylingdales
KAYRichd. Ingham/ Ann KayC24 Jan 1819Houghton by Settle
KAYRichus.Richi. Hadfeild / Graciae KayC01 Oct 1637Almondbury
KAYRichus.Johis. Kay /C29 May 1636Almondbury
KAYRicus.Rici. Kay /C30 Jun 1621Otley
KAYRob.--C29 Aug 1669Silkstone
KAYRobartJno. Kay /C17 Jun 1750Sessay
KAYRobartJohn Kay / ElizabethC15 Oct 1778Osmotherley
KAYRoberdXpofor Kay /C08 Nov 1571Kirkburton
KAYRoberdGeorge Kay /C09 Oct 1569Kirkburton
KAYRobertJoan ThroughyearM04 Jun 1578Rotherham
KAYRobertHumphrey Kay / Dyonesse MatthewmanB06 Jan 1596Kirkburton
KAYRobertHomfray KayC06 Jan 1597Kirkburton
KAYRobertRelative: John HirstM15 Feb 1574Eland
KAYRobertGyles Kay /C21 Mar 1591Kirkburton
KAYRobertKay /BAbt. 1591of Kirkburton
KAYRobertKay /BAbt. 1608of Kirkburton
KAYRobertEliz. ThroughyerMNov 1577Rotherham
KAYWilliam HenryWm. Lawson Kay / Jane HaighC13 Apr 1834Leeds, Ebenezer St. Methodist New Connexion
KAYWilliam HenryJoseph Kay / HannahC16 Jul 1819Huddersfield, St. Peter
KAYWilliam JamesJames Kay / MaryC17 Dec 1837Leeds, St. Peter
KAYWilliam KayWilliam Kay / Sarah HallC17 Sep 1826Leeds, St. Peter
KAYWilliam Nell/ Hannah KayC21 Aug 1825Sandal Magna
KAYWilliam RobinsonMark Anthony Kay / AliceC13 May 1836Bradford
KAYWilliam WoodJohn Kay / AnnC25 Dec 1822Leeds, St. Peter
KAYWillieJohn / Clara WilksB24 Mar 1893Bradford
KAYWillieJohn Kay / Clara WilksB24 Mar 1893Bradford
KAYWillimusRoberti Kay / ElizabethC28 Jan 1666Emley
KAYWillimusWillmi. Kay /C1562Gisburn
KAYWillimus.Arthur Kay /C24 Feb 1604Almondbury
KAYWillmWillm Kay /C05 Oct 1599Kirkburton
KAYWillm.Willm. Kay /C01 Jun 1698Wragby
KAYWillm.Sarah MarshallM03 Nov 1664Felkirk
KAYWillm.Will. Kay /C04 May 1647Huddersfield, St. Peter
KAYWillm.Edmd. Kay /C07 Jun 1702Huddersfield, St. Peter
KAYWillm.Willm. Kay /C08 May 1642Thornhill by Dewsbury
KAYWillm.Andreae Kay /C10 Apr 1685Sheffield, St. Peter
KAYWillm.Willm. Kaye /C10 Aug 1682Kirkheaton
KAYWillm.Spouse: Alice HaworthS12 Jan 1657Wakefield, All Saints
KAYWillm.Alice HaworthM12 Jan 1657Wakefield, All Saints
KAYWillm.Meriall PorritM12 Jun 1687Stokesley
KAYWillm.Willm. Kay /C15 Aug 1616Gargrave
KAYWillm.John Kay /C16 Dec 1711Great Mitton
KAYWillm.John Kay /C21 Jan 1655Thornhill by Dewsbury
KAYWillm.George Kay /C21 Sep 1589York, St. Michael-le-Belfry
KAYWillm.Peter Kay /C23 Apr 1643Easingwold
KAYWillm.Willm. Kay /C27 Jan 1644Wakefield, All Saints
KAY or AUSTONWilliam JamesCharles Kay / Hannah AustonC27 Jul 1838Staveley
KAYEMrs. RobertSpouse: Robert KayeBAbt. 1578of Wakefield
KAYERichd.James Kaye /C10 Oct 1793Kirkheaton
KAYERichd.John Kaye / NanyC21 Feb 1796Halifax, South Parade Wesleyan
KAYERichd.Ann HeywoodM27 Mar 1769Huddersfield, St. Peter
KAYERichd.Jonas Kay / Nancy NobleC28 Dec 1817Almondbury
KAYERichd. HenryJames Kaye / SarahC30 Apr 1812Kirkheaton
KAYERichd. LowdenHenry Kaye / MaryC29 Mar 1840Honley
KAYERichius.Humfridi Kaye /C13 Mar 1643Almondbury
KAYERichus.Percivalli Kaye /C30 Oct 1580York, All Saints Pavement
KAYERobarteSpouse: Alys BarburM18 Jun 1566Dewsbury
KAYERobarteHomfraye Kaye /C30 Jan 1586Kirkburton
KAYERobertChristopher Kaye / Annes ChapellB03 Nov 1571Heyburton
KAYERobertRelative: David BarberM18 Jun 1566[Dewsbury]
KAYERobertGiles Kay /B21 Mar 1591Kirkburton
KAYERobertWilliam Kaye / Mary GriceBAbt. 1465Wakefield
KAYERobertJohn Kaye / Dorothy MaulevererBAbt. 1544Woodsome
KAYERobertRobert Kaye / Alice BeesleyBAbt. 1555Wakefield
KAYERobertRelative: C.R. StevensBAbt. 1574of Wakefield
KAYERobertSpouse: Jane FfattyeBAbt. 1598York, of St. Martins
KAYERobertSpouse: Anne WheatleyB1520Wakefield
KAYERobertRobert Kaye / Anne WheatleyB1542Wakefield
KAYEWilliam HenryAnnM[1873]Northowram
KAYEWilliam HenryJonas Kaye / AnnC12 Dec 1847Honley
KAYEWilliam HenryFanny EdmondsonM20 Sep 1876East Marton
KAYEWilliam HenryJohn Kaye /A22 Dec 1869Northowram
KAYEWilliam HenryJoseph Kaye / MaryC23 Mar 1845High Hoyland
KAYEWilliam HenrySpouse: Mrs. Ann KayeSAbt. 1847of Northowram
KAYEWilliam PrinceJoseph Kaye / HannahC20 Jan 1828Leeds, St. Peter
KAYEWilliam WorthingtonKaye / Atkinson **B02 Apr 1822Moldgreen
KAYEWilliam WorthingtonRichard Kaye / SarahC22 Sep 1822Kirkheaton
KAYEWilliam WorthingtonSarah OatesM24 Nov 1844Leeds, St. Peter
KAYEWillmEzabell ForemanM20 Sep 1565Rothwell
KAYEWillm.John Kaye /C24 Oct 1683Kirkheaton
KAYE or CROSLEAYEWillm.Willm. Kaye / Jennet CrosleayeC26 Aug 1663Mirfield

**This IGI entry (submitted to the LDS by a researcher) is incorrect -- mother's last name was not Atkinson, but Worthington; we have corroborating evidence to prove this, in the form of a photocopy of the Kirkheaton parish church register page where this child's parents' marriage is recorded. [S. Kaye]

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