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Funeral Records

The following information was collected from public records and submitted by Lynn Jefferies

Funeral Records from Churches in the Philadelphia, PA, area

Records from Funeral Homes in the Philadelphia, PA, area

Funeral Records from Churches in the Philadelphia, PA, area

=====Lawndale United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA=====

13 May, 1944, Doerr, Annie KAY, 72 years, burial Sunset Memorial Park
12 Oct 1957, KAY, Carrie Z., 77 years, burial Oakland Cemetery
19 Nov 1964, KAY, James Henry, 89 years, burial Oakland Cemetery.

=======St. Timothy's PE Church, Philadelphia, PA=======

1 Jun 1891, KAYE, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Edward, d. 29 May 1891, 
burial St. Timothy's Churchyard, Lot 119.

=======St. David's PE Church, Philadelphia, PA=========

26 Jan 1859, KAY, John Edward, 10 mos., burial St. David's Churchyard
25 Mar 1847, KAY, Wiliam, 2 weeks, son of Samuel and Margaret

=========St. James the Less PE, Philadelphia, PA=========

23 Jan 1891, KAY, William, burial Mount Vernon Cemetery
25 Jan 1912, KAYE, Henry Garfield, 31 years, burial Mount Vernon
7 Oct 1920, KAYE, Herbert, burial St. James the Less Churchyard

==========Emmanuel PE Church, Philadelphia, PA=========

8 May 1872, KAY, Samuel, d. 5 May 1872

Records from Funeral Homes in the Philadelphia, PA, area

=====Frank S. Whiteman, Funeral Director, 6140 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA=====

KAY, Clifford, for wife, Elizabeth A.
59 years
d. 16 Dec 1909, bur. 20 Dec 1909
cemetery: West Laurel Hill

Estate of John William KAYE, M.A.
64 years
d. 2 Jan 1910, bur 5 Jan 1910
address: 2820 N. Broad
funeral service: St. David's
cemetery: St. James the Less

KAY, William, 28 Nov 1891

KAY, William F., for wife, Bridgetta
22 years
d. 9 Dec 1891, bur. 12 Dec 1891
address: 4739 Smick
cemetery: Leverington

=====James H. Turner, Funeral Director, 6028 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, PA=====

KAY, George R.
4 Dec 1915
born: May 29, Lancashire, England
23 years
address: 3566 Queen Lane
parents: John and Mary J. Smith

KAY, Samuel
17 Dec 1916
84 years
Born: England
parents: Samuel KAY, Betty Smith
cemetery: Chester Rural Cemetery
address: 5200 Ridge Ave.
funeral: St. Paul's Church, Chester, PA
Wilde Post G.A.R.

===========Fluehr Funeral Home, Philadelphia, PA===========

KAY, Ada
d. 11 Apr 1963 at Metropolitan Hospital
born: 10 Oct 1888, Trenton, NJ
age 74 years
parents: John and Lillian Strouse
cemetery: Greenwood

=============Battersby Funeral Home, Philadelphia, PA=========

Deceased: KAY, William
wife: Martha
father: James, b. England
mother: Anna Stot
b. 14 Oct 1836, England
d. 15 Feb 1912, myocarditis, Philadelphia Hospital
address: 3222 N. Lee St.
bur. Greenmount Cemetery

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