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The KAYE Files


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Family Groups Gathered from Various Sources

These family groups have been gathered from various sources over the years. The information in each one varies from the barest minimum to complete multi-generation family histories. You can access the source records for each entry by using the links at the bottom of the page, and performing a search on one of the names you're looking for. Contact for entries identified as personal correspondence.

KAYE, Thomas TREE, Sarah Ann Mid-1800's Allerton Bywater, Castleford West Yorkshire KAYE, Isabella 1
KAYE, Lawrence Howard   d. 1 June 1988 New York City Larry H. Jr. 1
KAYE, Ollick     Isle of Man   1
KAYE, Norman McGRATH, Helen   Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England KAYE, Henry James 1
KAYE, Paul LONGDEN, Jane mid-1800's Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire, England George H. T., Walter E., Frederick E., Gertrude A., Sarah J. 3
KAYE, George (son of Paul) HOGG, Elizabeth before 1901 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Gertrude Elizabeth, Florence 3
KAYE, Walter (son of Paul)   1901 Sculcoates, Parish of St. Silas   3
KAYE, Frederick E. (son of Paul) Annie after 1901 Rotherham>Askern> Adwick Anne, Walter Frederick, Paul, Joseph 3
KAYE, Frank Bush McKINSEY, Marjorie early 1900's   Robert, Donald, Michael 1
LITTLEWOOD, James KAYE, Anne early 1900's Liverpool area, England James 1
CASTREE, Edwin Thomas McEWEN, Anne KAYE (b. Banff, Scotland) m. abt 1900 Staffordshire, England   3
KAY, George Samuel   b. 1798 Yorkshire; d. Chicago, IL Great Ousebourne (?) Richard,William, Helen, Hannah, Louisa 2
KAY, Edwin Edith early 1900's Port Sunlight, Wirral, Cheshire, England Violet Margaret (b. abt. 1920), George, Phyllis, Margaret 4
KAY, John Duncan   b. abt. 1889 b. Bad Axe, MI; family originally from Scotland   4
KAY, John Margaret 1789-1836 County Durham area, England Ann, Isabella, Margaret, Thomas, Jabez, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Ann Isabell 4
KAY, Thomas (son of John) Ann Isabella 1828-1864 England>USA Hannah, Margaret, Mary Ann, Thomas, Robert, Isabell 4
KAY, Thomas (son of Thomas) BURNS, Mary Ann 1857-1902 England>USA Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, John Burns (d.), John, George, Mary Ann, Lena, Ira, Margaret, "One Too Menny" (d.), Ellen, Robert, Christopher 4
KAY, John Thomas HAYNES, Caroline 1859-1933 b. Ohio, d. California Ethel, Gertrude, Elsie, William & Wilma (twins) (children born in Ohio) 2
KAY, Robert Earl LOFTIS, Opal d. abt. 1943 in Colorado(?) Colorado Robert Luther, Marlin (or Martin) Lewis, Leon 2
KAY, William SIMPKINS, Elizabeth 1754-1840 Scagglethorpe, Yorkshire>Ontario, Canada, abt. 1830 Joseph 2
KAY, Thomas Alice 1846-1923 Tottington Hannah, Thomas, John, Sophia 4
KAY, William Thompson GREEN, Margaret 1851-1900 Liverpool, England Edwin (and others?) 4
KAY, Edwin Hannah?   Port Sunlight, Wirral, Cheshire, England Edith, Phylis, Violet Margaret, George 4
KAY/KEY, Patrick TURBITT, Catherine/Elizabeth late 1700's Isle of Man Eliza 3
KAY, John ELY, Mary     William, George W., Joseph, Thomas, Jim, Lizzie, Harriet, Eva, Mary Amelia 4