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 Thanksgiving 2001



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Thanksgiving 1984 - 4 generation photo published in Good Housekeeping: (front l to r) Julie holding Alan, Great Grandpa Ash, Eric; (back l to r) Grandma Walton, Susan holding Ben, Tom and Larry


Thanksgiving 1989  (l to r) : Alan, Eric holding Dan, Ben and Matt


Thanksgiving 2001 - The Grands  (l to r):  Dan, Eric, Ben, Matt & Alan


The Growns (l to r):  Tom and Susan Lampen, Lura Walton, Julie and Larry Sefton


The Lampens (l to r) : Susan, Dan, Matt, Ben, Grandma and Tom


The Seftons (l to r) : Larry, Eric, Julie, Grandma and Alan


The Girls (l to r) : Susan, Lura & Julie


Ping Pong (l to r) : Dan and Eric
Pile On (bottom to top) : Ben & Eric, Matt, Alan & Dan