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Suggestions on the derivation of SEFTON surname:

1) Sef, old Norse-Sedge, the toen of sedges

2) The old English personal name of "Saeffa" "Saeffa's town" -- this is the more probable -- 13th Century spellings include Ceffton & Cefton.

Searching for flow blue pieces in the SEFTON pattern

manufactured by Myott & Sons, England

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Is there a place named Sefton?

Sefton, Sephton or Sextone (as it is spelt in the Domesday Book) lies about 7 miles north of Liverpool, England.  Sefton is a small township and is the "church town" of one of the twelve ancient parishes out of which the diocese of Liverpool was formed.   

The township of Sefton was adopted as the home of the Molyneaux family soon after the Norman Conquest....hence the name the Earl and Lady of Sefton, who are really members of the Molyneaux family.  (So to all who thought they had ties to royalty, sorry - our line is not English nobility!)

Visit Sefton Village - where the Molyneaux family lived in England

NOTE:  Despite the ENGLISH location of Sefton, our immigrant ancestor, Henry, from all accounts, sailed to the US from County Antrim, IRELAND.  There were a large number of Seftons living in County Antrim, and most of them were named Henry or Edward which has made researching very difficult.  I have concentrated on the line here in the US for now.

A glimpse of Henry's Irish world

County Antrim, Ireland

"Antrim, a county of Ireland, in the province of Ulster, 46 Irish miles long, and 27 broad; bounded on the E and N by the sea, W by Londonderry and Lough Neagh, and S by Down. 

This county contains 605 Irish or 972 English square miles, 387,200 Irish plantation acres, equal to 622,059 English ones, 21,222 houses and 261,601 inhabitants (date uncertain).

In it is situated a great natural curiosity called the Giant's Causeway, consisting of lofty pillars of basalts, all of angular shapes.

The linen manufacture is carried on very extensively in this county.

It sends five members to parliament.

The principal rivers are the Bann and Lagan. The principal towns are Belfast, Carrickfergus, Antrim, Lisburn, Ballymena, and Ballymoney."


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