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 North Research Notes


The following has been shared with me -

is this John North our Joseph North's ancestor? 

Research continues!

In Cyrus Eatons 'Annals of Warren', 2nd edition, under North, p. 592-593, the
family is given from John, who came to America from Clooneen, Kings County,
Ireland in 1730 with wife Lydia, through his children, including Joseph, born
in 1739 and his wife Hannah Flagg. None of the children's children are listed, although it states that they all had offspring.

Other mentions in 'Annals of Warren' are on p. 73, (where John North is listed as one of the first settlers of St. George along with a number of others). St. George later became Thomaston, So. Thomaston, Warren, Rockland, and several little towns on the St. George Peninsula. See the Town Table on the Knox county web site for incorporation dates. John is also mentioned on p. 81 where his occupation as a surveyor is discussed; on p.114 it speaks of his commission as captain; on 120 - 121 is a list he is believed to have written to the settler at St, George, Medomcook and Broad Bay, where he lists himself at St. Georges Upper Town; on 123 he is mentioned as Fort Commander and a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, as which he was considered too lenient in that he "made it a rule to always laugh or scold the parties into a settlement."; on 134 as party to a dispute at the fort; and on page 141-142 refers to his death. It states that Joseph, son of John, removed to Augusta, Maine, where more is to be found in histories of that town.

"Eventually they all left. There are no North's in Warren cemeteries today. Possibly in Thomaston or Rockland in a very old graveyard there may be some.
But Eaton specifically says, in about 1850+/- 10 years, that there were no descendants of John in the area at that time."  (as reported to me).