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KEDGER - fisherman
KEEKER - colliery official who checked quantity and quality of coal output or weighman
KEELER / KEELMAN - bargeman (from keel, a flat bottomed boat)
KEEPER - controlled the quantities of ore and fuel, regulated the blast and tapped the molten metal from the furnace
KEMPSTER - wool comber
KIDDIER - skinner or dealer in young goats
KILNER - limeburner, in charge of a kiln
KISSER - made cuishes and high armour
KNACKER - harness maker, buyer of old horses and dead animals
KNAPPERS - dressed and shaped flints into required shape and size
KNELLER / KNULLER - chimmney sweep who solicited custom by knocking on doors
KNOCKER-UP - man paid to wake up northern mill and factory workers on early shifts
KNOCKKNOBBLER - dog catcher
KNOLLER - toller of bells
LACE-DRAWER - child employed in lace work, drawing out threads
LACEMAN - dealer in lace, who collected it from the makers, usually only those who had bought his thread, and sold it in the lace markets
LACE-MASTER / MISTRESS - employed workers in factories or in their homes for the production of lace
LACE-RUNNER - young worker who embroidered patterns on lace
LACEWOMAN - lady's maid
LAGGER - sailor
LAGRAETMAN - local constable (Law-Rightman)
LAMPA / LAMPE - Swedish and German for glass blower, i.e. oil lamp maker
LARDNER - keeper of the cupboard
LASTER - shoe maker
LATTENER - brass worker
LANDWAITER - customs officer whose duty was to wait or attend on landed goods
LAUNDERER - washer
LAVENDER - washer woman
LAYER - worker in paper mill responsible for a particular stage in paper-making process
LEAVELOOKER - examined food on sale at market
LEECH or SAWBONES - physician
LEGGER - canal boatman
LEHRER - teacher
LEIGHTONWARD - gardener (leighton - a garden)
LIGHTERMAN - worker on a flat-bottomed boat
LIMNER - illuminator of books, painter or drawer
LINENER - linen draper, shirtmaker
LINER / LYNER - flax dresser
LINKERBOY / MAN - one who carried a link or torch to guide people through city streets at night for a small fee (had to be licensed to trade in early 19th century had and term later sometimes applied to general manservant )
LITTERMAN - groom (of horses)
LOADSMAN - ship's pilot
LOBLOLLY BOY - ship's doctor's assistant or errand boy
LOCK KEEPER - overseer of canal locks
LONGSHOREMAN - stevedore
LONG SONG SELLER - street seller who sold popular songsheets printed on paper
LORIMER - maker of horse gear
LOTSELLER - street seller
LOTTER - one who bought odd lots of wool and consolidated them for sale
LUMPER - dock laborer who discharged cargo of timber employed by a master lumper (not the Dock Company) or fine-grain saltmaker, from practice of moulding salt into lumps
LUM SWOOPER - chimney sweep
LUNGS - alchemist's servant whose duty was to fan the fire
LUTHIER - maker and repairer of stringed musical instruments
MADERER - gathered and sold garlic
MAID - female domestic servant
MAIL GUARD - armed guard, frequently an ex-soldier, employed on the mail coach service
MAISE MAKER - one who made measures for weighing herring catch
MALEMAKER - maker of 'Males' or travelling bags
MALENDER - farmer
MALSTER - brewer, maker or seller of malts
MANCIPLE - steward
MANGLER - works a mangle
MANGLE KEEPER - woman who offered use of the mangle for a fee
MANGO - slave dealer
MANTUAMAKER - dressmaker
MARBLER - one who stained paper or other material, veined in imitation of marble
MARSHALL - horse doctor of shoesmith
MARSHMAN - paid by various landowners to look after marshlands and tend the animals put to graze there for the season
MASHMAKER - maker of the mash-vats or mashels used for mixing malt
MASON - stonecutter
MASTER - one of three grades of skill recognised by the Guild of Crafts
MASTER LUMPER - contractor of laborers at cheap rate of pay
MASTER MARINER - ship's captain
MASTER-SHIFTER - in charge on repair shift
MATCHET FORGER - knifemaker
MAWER - mower
MEALMAN - dealer in meal or flour
MELDER - corn miller
MERCATOR - merchant
MERCER - cloth seller
METERER - poet
MIDWIFE - experience woman who assists in child birth
MILESMAN / LENGTHSMAN - railway worker who had a length of railway track to keep in good order
MILLER - corn miller, cloth miller, saw miller
MILLERESS - miller's wife
MILLERS CARMAN - drove carrier to deliver the flour or seed to the customers
MILLPECK - sharpener of mill stones
MILLNER - maker of womens' hats
MILLWRIGHT - designer & builder of mills or mill machinery
MILSTONE INSPECTOR - vagrant, a gentleman of the road
MINTMAKER or MINTMASTER - issuer of local currency
MIXER - bartender
MOCADO WEAVER - weaver of woollen cloth used for making clothes 16-17th century
MOLD BOY -closed and held mold for glassblower, also weighed the bottles
MOLITOR - miller
MONDAYMAN - one who worked for landowner on Mondays in lieu of rent
MONGER - (i.e., fish) - dealer
MONTHLY NURSE - someone who assisted women during the first month after giving birth
MOULDER - maker of molds or castings, brickmaker
MOUNTEBANK - seller if ineffectual patent medicines
MUDLARK - sewer cleaner, riverbank scavenger
MUFFIN MAKER - maker who made muffins
MUFFIN MAN - itinerant seller of muffins
MUGGLER - pigman
MUGSELLER - seller of cups, mugs
MULE MINDER - minded the spinning mules in the cotton mills
MULESKINNER - teamster
MULETEER - mule driver
MULTURER - miller
MUSICKER - musician
MUSLIN SEWER / MUSLIN FLOWERER - tambouring muslin cloth for household use which would be called embroidery today
MUSTARDER / MUSTARDMAN - made and dealt in mustard
NAGELSCHMIEDMEISTER - master nailsmith
NAGSMAN - a person who schools horses, usually for his employer
NAPERER - royal servant in charge of table linen
NAPIER - naperer
NARROW WEAVER - weaver of ribbons, tapes, etc
NAVIGATOR - laborer building canals or railways
NEATHERD - cowherder
NECKER - worker responsible for the feeding of cardboard into the machine the makes boxes
NEDELLER - needle maker
NECESSARY WOMAN - servant responsible for emptying and cleaning chamber pots
NETTER - net maker
NIGHT SOILMAN / NIGHTMAN - one who emptied cesspits, ashpits and backyard toilets
NIGHTWALKER - watchman or bellman
NIMGIMMER - doctor
NIPPER - lorry boy, a young person employed by the carter or wagoner to assist with the collection and delivery of goods
NOB THATCHER - wig maker
NOON TENDER - guarded the goods on the quay while the officers were a lunch
NOTERER - notary
OCCUPIER - tradesman
OILMAN - sold the oil for lamps
OLITOR - kitchen gardener (from Olitory-a kitchen garden)
ORDERLY - soldier who functioned as a servant for an officer
ORRERY MAKER - made a mechanical apparatus for showing the movements of the planets (named after the Earl of Orrery the inventor)
ORRICE WEAVER - designer of lace patterns to be woven with silk thread and silk
OSIER PEELER - removed bark from willow rods or osiers which were used in basket weaving, usually women and children (also known as withy peelers)
OSTIARY - monastery door keeper
OSTLER - originally applied to an innkeeper/taverner or one who received guests especially in an monastery (13th century) but later on it came to mean stableboy or a person who looked after horses, coming from the old French 'hostelier'
OUT CRIER - auctioneer
OUTWORKER - worker who carried on their occupation at home, e.g., cotton or woollen weavers but it applies to many occupations
OVERLOOKER - superintendent or overseer, especially in the textile mills
OVERMAN - official below Undermanager but above Deputy in mining
OVERMAN - supervisor in a colliery who checked the miners work and the quality of the mined coal
OWLER - sheep or wool smuggler
OYSTER DREDGER - member of the crew on board an oyster fishing boat
PACKER - packs goods such as pickles or herring
PACKMAN - travelled around carrying goods for sale in a pack
PACK THREAD SPINNER - operator of the machine which made thread or twine
PAD MAKER - made small baskets used for measuring
PAGE - youth being trained for the medieval rank of knight and in the personal service of a knight or attendant upon someone of rank in the medieval period
PAINTRESS - woman employed in the pottery industry to hand paint the finished articles
PAPER-STAINER - one who made wallpaper
PALING MAN - seller of eels
PALISTER - one who ensured the parks were safe and well kept
PALMER - one who had been, or pretended to have been, to the Holy Land
PANNIER MAN - fish monger
PANNIFEX - somebody who worked in the cloth trade
PANTER - keeper of the pantry
PANTLER - butler
PAPERER - inserted the needles into the paper ready for sale in the needlemaking trade
PAPER RULER - operated a machine in the 19th century printing industry who was a skilled worker/operator who set up several inking pens in a machine,by the same name, designed to draw or ink lines on paper
PARDONER - seller of indulgences
PARFUMIER / PERFUMER - manufacturer and purveyor of scents such as perfumes, colognes and even incense
PARGETER - applied ornamental plaster to buildings
PARITOR - church officer who attended the magistrates and justices at court for the pupose of executing their orders
PARKER - park caretaker
PASSAGE KEEPER - kept passages and alleys clean
PASTELER - pastry chef
PASTOR - shepherd
PATTEN MAKER - clog maker or the person who made wooden soles (pattens) to fit under normal shoes to protect from wet and muddy ground
PAVER / PAVIOUR - laid paving stones
PAVYLER - put up pavilions or tents etc
PEDASCULE - schoolmaster
PEELER - policeman, constable, bobby (from Sir Robert Peel founder of the police force)
PELTERER - one who worked with animal skins
PERCHEMEAR - one who made parchment
PEREGRINATOR - itinerant wanderer
PERUKER - wigmaker
PESSONER - fish monger
PETERMAN - fisherman
PETTIFOGGER - shyster lawyer
PETTY CHAPMAN - itinerant dealer in small goods, a pedlar
PEWTERER - made pewter utensils (using any of various alloys having tin as chief component especially a dull alloy with lead)
PHILOSOPHICAL INSTRUMENT MAKER - one who made scientific instruments
PHRENOLOGIST - diviner of a person's character based on the bumps on a person's head
PICKER - one who cast the shuttle on a loom
PIECENER / PIECER - one who worked in a spinning mill, employed to piece together any threads which broke (usually a child or woman)
PIGMAN - one who sold crockery or bred or looked after pigs on the farm
PIKELET MAKER - baker who specialised in making pikelets (a small pancake or crumpet)
PIKEMAN - miller's assistant
PIKER - tramp or vagrant
PILLER - robber
PILOT - ship steersman
PINDER - dog catcher
PINER - laborer
PINNER - pin make
PINNER UP - dressmakers assistant or one who sold broadsheets or ballards in the streets
PINSETTER - one who manually set up bowling pins before the advent of automated pinsetting machines
PIPER - innkeeper
PIRN WINDER - wound the yarn onto large wheel like bobbins which were then ready to feed the looms in a cotton mill
PISTOR - baker
PIT BROW LASS - female worker who worked on the surface of the mines
PITMAN - coal miner
PLAITER - maker of straw plaits used in making hats etc
PLAYDERER - one who made plaid
PLAIN WORKER - performed plain sewing or needlework as opposed to an embroiderer
PLANKER - one who planks or kneads the body of the hat during felting
PLATELAYER - men who laid and maintained the railway tracks in Britain and the word actually predates railways being derived from the very old "plateways" which existed hundireds of years ago, mainly for moving coal
PLOWMAN - farmer
PLOWWRIGHT - maker or repairer of plows
PLUMASSIER / PLUMER - made or sold plumes, ornamental feathers
POINTER - sharpened needles or pins or lace maker
POINTMAKER / POINTMAN - made the tips of laces
POINTSMAN - railway worker who operated the points, used to change the line on which the train was travelling
POLDAVE WORKER - made poldave, a coarse fabric
POLEMAN - surveyor's assistant
POLENTIER - poulterer
POLLER / POWLER - barber
PONDERATOR - inspector of weights and measures
PORTABLE SOUP MAKER - converted soup into a dry form for transporting from place to place
PORTER - door or gatekeeper
POSTILLION - attacher of extra horses to wagons & coaches to help them up hills
POST BOY - carried mail from town to town, guard who travelled on the mail coach or outrider who travelled with the stagecoach as a postillion
POSTER - one who worked in the quarries breaking rocks
POTATO BADGER - seller of potatoes
POT BOY / MAN - one who worked in public houses washing and removing dirty pots also did other menial tasks
POTTER - maker or seller of pottery
POTTER CARRIER - chemist or pharmacist
POTTER THROWER - potter who used a wheel and therefore had to throw the clay
POULTER - seller of poultry
POWER LOOM TUNER - one who maintained the loom in mills
PUMPMAKER - around the turn of the 19th century as canals were becomeing important the word pumpmaker denoted a maker of canal locks
PRENTIS - apprentice
PRECEPTRESS - school mistress
PREDIGER - preacher
PRICKER - witch hunter, pattern maker or a horseman
PRICKER - used a type of wire brush to make small holes inside ceramic sewer pipe to prevent spalling during firing
PRIG NAPPER - horse thief
PROCTOR - official of a university
PROP BOBBY - worked in mines checking the pit props
PROTHONARY - law clerk
PUBLICAN - innkeeper
PUDDLER - worked clay into puddle, worked with puddle to make things water tight eg canal walls or worked in puddling iron
PUGGARD - thief
PUGGER - produce clay paste by treading like grapes, usually women and children in brick manufacturing
PUG MILL OPERATOR - operated a machine for mixing clay and water, which then exuded a "pug" (a cylinder of clay of any diameter and indefinate length)
PUNKY - chimney sweep
PUREFINDER - old women and young girls who went about the streets gathering dog droppings which were used for tanning leather
PURSER - ship's officer in charge of provisions & accounts
PUTTER IN - put things in to some form of mechanised process
QUARRIER / QUARRYMAN - quarry worker
QUILLER - one who operated a machine that wound yarn onto spools
QUILTER / QUILTRESS - one who quilted material
QUISTER - one who bleached things
QWYLWRYGHTE - wheelwright
RACK MAIDEN - girl employed in the tin mines of Cornwall to dress the ore
RAFFMAN - one who dealt in raff (saleable rubbish)
RAFF MERCHANT - seller of fibre used to make raffia bags etc
RAG CUTTER - one who cut up rags into small pieces to be used for making paper etc
RAG GATHERERS - employed to clear the rags from the machinery in the mills (usually children)
RAG MAN - one who went from street to street collecting and selling old clothes and rags
RAG AND BONE MAN - one who went from street to street with a cart and collected any old rubbish, usually in exchange for a small item, e.g. a block of soapstone
RAG PICKER - sorted through the left over rags to find re usable ones
RAKER - street sanitation worker
RATONER - rat catcher
RATTLEWATCH - town watchman
RECTIFIER - one who distilled alcoholic spirits
REDAR - interpreter of dreams
REDSMAN / REDDSMAN / REDESMAN - was employed in maintaining mine haulage ways
REDSMITH - goldsmith
REEDER - worked with reeds for hedging or thatching
REEDMAKER - made the pipe for a musical instrument or made a weavers implement (a reed) or reed cloth or the comb used in tapestry
REELER - operated the machine that wound the yarn onto the bobbin
REEVE - church warden
REEVER - shriever
REGISTRAR - official who registers events such as land purchases or births
RENOVATOR - one who repaired clothing
REVENUER - taxman who enforces tax laws on liquor
RICKMASTER - Captain of Horse
RIDDLER - wool stapler
RIFTERE - reaper
RIGGER - hoist tackle worker; works on a ship's rigging
RIPPER / RIPPIER - one who sold fresh water fish at the markets or maker and seller of baskets
RIVERMAN - worker on a river boat
ROCKMAN - worked in a quarry usually placing the charges on the rockface
ROCKGETTER - rocksalt miner
ROLLER COVERER - one who covered the rollers for the spinning process
ROLLEYWAY MAN - maintained the underground road in the mines
ROLL TURNER - carder of wool, cotton etc into rolls prior to spinning
ROMAN CEMENTER / PLASTERER - one who worked with roman cement used in stuccoing
ROPER - maker of rope or nets
ROVER - archer or operator of a machine used in cotton mills which prepared the carded fibre into rolls
RODMAN - surveyor's assistant
RUBBISHER / RUBBLER - sorted the small stones in the quarries
RUGMAN - dealer in rugs
RUNNER - smuggler, messenger and ironically one who worked for the magistrate best remembered as Bow Street Runners
RUSTLER - cattle thief
SADDLER - one who made saddles, harnesses, horse collars, bridles
SADDLE TREE MAKER - one who made the frames for saddles that the saddler used
SAGGAR (also SAGGER) MAKER - one who made the fireclay containers in which the stoneware was placed ready for firing
SAGGAR (also SAGGER) MAKER'S BOTTOM KNOCKER- was the saggar maker's assistant who tapped the bottom of the pots
SALT BOILER - one who obtained salt by boiling water
SALTER / DRYSALTER / SAUCER - one who made or dealt in salt
SARCINET WEAVER - silk weaver
SALOONIST - saloon keeper
SANDESMAN - ambassador or messenger
SAND HOG - those who dug the tunnel under the river
SANDWICHMAN - wears a sandwich billboard for advertising
SAW DOCTOR - made, repaired, maintained and sharpened a wide range of cutting tools and saw blades and also maintained and aligned mechanical parts of a range of production machines
SAWYER - saws timber to boards
SAY WEAVER - one who made Say, material used for table cloths or bedding
SCAGIOLA MAKER - one who made imitation marble
SCALERAKER / SCAVENGER - employed by the parish to clean the streets
SCAPPLER - one who roughly shaped the stone prior to being finished by the stonemason
SCAVELMAN - employed to keep the waterways and ditches clear
SCHRIMPSCHONGER - artisan who carves in bone, ivory, or wood
SCHUMACKER - shoemaker
SCOTCH DRAPER / SCOTCHMAN - sold goods door to door with payment to be made by installments
SCREENER - screened the ore at the mines surface
SCRIBE - clerk
SCRIBLER - a minor or worthless author
SCRIMER - fencing master
SCRIVENER - clerk, notary
SCRIBBLER - employed in a scibbling mill where the wool was roughly carded before spinning
SCRIBER - employed at the docks to mark the cotton bales with the approximate weight ready for selling by the brokers
SCRIPTURE READER - employed by the local clergy to go from house to house reading parts of the bible to try and encourage people to attend church, also read scriptures during some services
SCRIVENER - wrote out legal documents etc
SCRUTINEER - election judge
SCUTCHER - beat the flax to soften the straw in the bundles
SCULLERY MAID - female servant who performed all the menial tasks
SCULLION - male servant who performed all the menial tasks
SEAL PRESSER - employed in the glass industry to seal the bath against air intake which could spoil the finished surface
SEARCHER - customs man
SECRET SPRINGER - one made watch springs
SEEDSMAN - sower of seeds
SEDGEMAN - skilled workman who applied sedge (type of grass) which was used as an early roofing material
SELF ACTING MINDER - one in charge of the automatic spinning mule in the mills
SEMI LORER - maker of leather thongs
SEMPSTER - seamstress
SENESCHAL - A senior steward at the Manor
SEWER HUNTER (also see TOSHHR) - scavenger who concentrated on the sewers trying to find valuable objects
SEWER RAT - bricklayer who specialised in making and repairing sewers and tunnels
SEWING CLERK - collector of clothing piecework
SEWSTER - seamstress
SEXTON - employee or officer of a church who cared and upkept church property and sometimes rang bells and dug graves
SHAGREEN CASE MAKER - one who worked with shagreen leather
SHANTY MAN - lumberman
SHARECROPPER - tenant farmer who would be paid with part of the crop
SHEARER - removed the fleece from sheep
SHEARGRINDER - sharpened shears, scissors
SHEARMAN or SHERMAN - shearer of cloth, metal
SHEATH MAKER - one who made scabbards for swords
SHEEPMAN - sheep herder
SHEPSTER - dressmaker
SHIFTER - miner paid day rate per shift, usually on repair work
SHINGLER - A roof tiler who used wooden tiles (shingles)
SHIP HUSBAND - repairer of ships while in harbor
SHIP MASTER - owner or captain of a ship
SHIPWRIGHT - constructor or repairer or ships
SHOE FINDER - seller of shoe maker's tools
SHOESMITH - cobbler, one who shoed horses
SHOE WIPER - servant who polished shoes
SHOT FIRER - one in charge of blasting in mines or quarries
SHRAGER - one who trimmed and pruned trees
SHRIEVE - sheriff
SHUFFLER - yardman on the farms
SHUNTER - one who moved rolling stock around the railway yards
SHUSTER - shoe maker
SHUTTLE MAKER - made the shuttles for the weaving mills
SICKLEMAN - reaper
SIDESMAN - one who assisted the churchwarden
SILK ENGINE TURNER - turned the wheel on automatic silk weaving looms
SILK THROWER - worker in the silk industry
SILKER - sewed the ends of the fabric to prvent the layers from separating
SILK DRESSER - prepared the silk for weaving
SILK MERCER - sold silk cloth and items made from silk
SILK TWISTER - silk spinner
SIMPLER - agriculturist that we would call herbalist today
SILVERSMITH - worked with silver
SISSOR or CISSOR - tailor
SIZER - applied the size to cloth or worked in a paper mill
SKEINER MAKER - made wheels used in spinning industry upon which yarn was wound
SKEPPER / SKELPER - one who made and sold beehives
SKINKER - tapster in an ale house
SKINNER - dealer in hides, mule driver
SKIPMAKER - one who made the skips used in mining and quarrying for moving men or materials to the surface
SKIPPER - master of a ship
SLAPPER / SLAPER - one who worked in a pottery preparing the clay for the potter
SLATER - roofer
SLAYMAKER - apparently an Old English name meaning maker of slay's--wooden pegs used in weaving
SLOPSELLER - seller of readymade clothes in a slop shop
SLUBBER - operated the machine used to prepare cotton for spinning
SLUBBER DOFFER - removed the bobbins from the spindles in the mills
SMACKMAN - worked on a sailing ship (as a sloop or cutter) used chiefly in coasting and fishing
SMALLWARE MAKER - who made smallware, e.g. tapes, braids etc
SMELTER - worker in a metal smelter, smelt fisherman
SMIDDY - smith
SMITH - metal worker
SMUGSMITH - smuggler
SNAPPER - worker in glass factory who placed molded bottle (by neck) into furnace hole
SNOBSCAT - one who repair shoes
SNUFFER MAKER - made the candle snuffer
SOAP BOILER (SOPER) - soap maker
SOJOURNER CLOTHIER - travelling clothes salesman
SOLICITOR - lawyer
SORTOR - tailor
SOUTER - shoe maker
SPALLIER - tin worker who performs chiefly menial tasks
SPERVITER - keeper of sparrows
SPICER - grocer or dealer in spices
SPINNER - spins yarn
SPLITTER - operated a splitting machine or one who split things by hand, e.g. stone, timber etc
SPOONER - made spoons
SPURRER or SPURRIER - maker of spurs
SQUIRE - (esquire) practitioner of a profession, a gentleman
SUPERCARGO - officer on merchant ship in charge of cargo
SUTLER - followed soldiers to encampments, set up tents to sell supplies, foodstuffs and dry goods
STABLER - ostler
STALLMAN - keeper of a market stall
STAMPMAN - worker of an ore crushing machine
STATIONER - bookseller, seller of paper & writing implements
STATIST - politician
STAY MAKER - corset maker
STEEPLE JACKER - painted flag poles etc.
STEERSMAN - ship's helmsman
STENTERER - operated the cloth finishing machine
STEP BOY - employed to help passengers to enter or leave the coach
STEVEDORE - laborer who unloads and loads ships' cargoes
STEWARD - manager of property, purveyor of supplies or someone who attended passengers on conveyance
STICHER - one who does decorative stitching
STOCKINGER - knitter, weaver, or dealer in stockings
STOKER - tends the fire of an engine boiler
STONEMAN / STONEWARDEN - a surveyor of highways
STONE PICKER - employed to remove the stones from the farmers fields before planting
STONE WORKERS - worked with stone eg masons, quarriers etc
STOREMAN - one responsible for stored goods
STOVER / STEVER/ STAVER -- senior member of a "butty partnership" of miners, and in charge at the surface
STOWYER - one who stowed the nets away on fishing boats
STRAVAIGER - vagrant
STRAW JOINER - one who thatched roofs
STRAW PLAITER - one who made straw braids for the hat industry
STREAKER - one who prepared the body for burial
STREET ORDERLY / BOY - street cleaner
STRIKER - blacksmiths helper or harpooned the whale
STRIPPER - employed in the woollen trade to remove the rubbish from the carding machines
STRINGER - made the strings for bows
STUFF GOWSMAN - junior barrister
STUFF WEAVER - wove stuff (the coarse part of flax)
SUCKSMITH - one who made ploughshares
SUMNER - summoner or apparitor
SUMPTER - porter
SUTLER - merchant or peddler in an army camp
SWAILER - miller or dealer in grain
SWAIN - herdsman
SWEEP - chimneysweep
SWELL MAKER - one who made shallow baskets
SWINGLER - one who beats flax to remove woody parts
SWORD CUTLER - sword maker
TABLER - boarding house operator
TACKLER - an overlooker of power loom weavers
TACKSMAN - middleman who leased a large piece of land from the owner and sublet it in small lots
TAILOR - one who made or repaired clothes
TALLOW CHANDLER - made or sold candles
TALLY CLERK - kept count of goods arriving or departing from warehouses, docks etc
TALLYMAN / TALLYFELLOW - one who sold goods that were paid for in installments
TAN BARK STRIPPER - collected the bark that was used in the tanning process
TANNER - leather maker
TAPER WEAVER - one who made the wicks for candles
TAPITER / TAPICER - one who wove worsted cloth
TAPLEY - One who puts the tap in an ale cask
TAPPIOLOGIST - someone who taps the wheels of trains to check for cracks and flaws
TAPSTER - bartender or barmaid
TAR BOY - applied tar (as antiseptic) to sheep when they were nicked by shearers
TASKER - reaper
TASSELER - one who made tassels used in furnishings or nobleman
TAVERNER - innkeeper
TAWER / TAWYER - white leather maker
TEAMER / TEAMER MAN / TEAMSTER - person in charge of a team of horses
TEASER - one who opens up matted wool for carding
TEEMER - person who emptied grain from the cart or who poured the molten steel into the moulds
TENTER / TENTERER - one who stretched the cloth on a machine while it was drying or looked after and maintained the machine used in the process
TEXTOR - weaver
THACKER - thatcher
THATCHER - one who covered roofs with straw or reeds
THIRDBOROUGH - an underconstable
THRESHER - one who separated the grain from the husks and straw
THROWSTER - one in the textile trade who twisted the strands of fibre together into yarn
TICKET WRITER - person (usually female) who hand wrote or painted the price tickets on goods displayed for sale and painted the signs that go up to make a window display
TICKNEY MAN / WOMAN - sold earthenware from town to town
TIDE GAUGER / SURVEYOR - monitored the state of the tide
TIDESMAN / TIDE WAITER - customs official
TIEMAKER - one who made wooden railway ties
TIGER - small groom or pageboy in livery
TILER - one who put tiles in place either on the roof or floor
TILLER - farmer
TILLMAN - plowman
TIMES IRONER - servant responsible for ironing the daily newspaper
TINCTOR - dyer
TINKER - traveling repairman
TINMAN - a tinsmith or tinker
TINNER - tin miner, tinsmith
TINTER OR TEINTER - artists who performs tinting
TIPPER - one who put the metal tips on arrows etc
TIPPLER - kept an ale house
TIPSTAFF - policeman
TIREWOMAN - female dresser, especially in the theater
TIXTOR - weaver
TOBACCO SPINNER - maker of cigars
TODHUNTER - employed by the parish to hunt foxes
TOE RAG - who worked at the docks as a corn porter
TOILINET MANUFACTURER - made toilinet (a kind of quilting)
TOLLER / TOLLGATE KEEPER / TOLLIE / TOLMAN / TURNPIKE KEEPER - worked at the toll gate to collect fees for use of the road
TONSOR - Latin for barber
TOOL HELVER - made tool handles
TOPMAN - sailor who works in the ship's rigging
TOP SAWYER - upper man in a saw pit
TOPSMAN - head cattle drover
TOUCH HOLER - one who worked in the gun manufacturing industry
TOSHER (also see SEWER HUNTER) - sewer hunters were formerly, and indeed still are, called by the name of toshers, the articles which they pick up in the course of their wanderings along the shore being known among themselves by the general term tosh
TOW CARD MAKER - one who made tow cards, used in the textile industry
TOWN CHABERLAIN - one who looked after the towns affairs
TOWN CRIER - one who made public announcments in the streets
TOWN HUSBAND - employed by the parish to collect the money from the fathers of illegitimate children for their upkeep
TOWNSWAITER - customs man
TOZER - worked in the wool mills employed to tose or tease the cloth
TRAMMER - young person who worked in the mines
TRAMPLER - lawyer
TRANQUETER - person who made hoops
TRANTER - peddler
TRAPPER - employed in the mines to open and shut the doors for the miners
TRAVERS - toll bridge collection
TREEN MAKER - made domestic articles from wood
TREENAIL MAKER - one who made the long wooden pins used in shipbuilding
TRENCHERMAKER - made wooden boards or platters for serving food from or cutting and slicing food on
TREPANGER - one who used a circular saw to cut timber
TRIMMER - trims a ship by re-arranging its cargo
TROACHER - pedlar
TRONER - weighing official at the markets
TROUCHMAN / TRUCHMAN - interpreter
TROVER - smuggler
TRUGGER - one who made long shallow baskets
TUBBER - one who made tubs and barrels ie a cooper
TUBMAN - English barrister
TUCKER - cleaner of cloth goods
TUCKER IN - maid who attended the bedroom and "tucked in the bedclothes"
TURNER - gymnast, lathe worker
TURNKEY - prison warder or jail keeper
TURNSPIT - one who operated the spit handle
TWEENIE / TWEENY - maid who worked "between the stairs" she assisted the cooks and the housemaids
TWISTER / TWISTERER - one who operated the machine used for twisting yarns and threads together
TWIST HAND - one who operated a lace machine
ULNAGER - one appointed to examine the quality of woollen goods to be sold
UNDERVIEWER - junior official in charge of mine in Viewer's absence
UPHOLDER - upholsterer and also a seller of secondhand goods
UPRIGHT WORKER - chimney sweep
VALET - male servant that attended a nobleman or gentleman
VALUATOR - who valued objects
VENATOR (VENUR) - huntsman
VASSAL - servant of the lowest order
VATMAN - one who put the paper pulp into the moulds in paper-making industry or worked with vats e.g. in beer and wine making
VERDERER - official in charge of the royal forest
VERGER - one who worked with the priest in the running the church
VERGE MAKER - one who made the spindles used in clocks and watches
VERRIER - glazier
VESTMENTMAKER - one who made the gowns worn by priests
VICTUALER - seller of food/drink
VIEWER - one who worked at the mines in a managerial capacity
VILLEIN - one who paid dues to the lord of the manor in return for use of the land
VINTAGER / VINEROON - grape farmer, wine maker
VINTNER / VINTER - wine merchant
VIRGINAL PLAYER - player of a musical instrument similar to a harpsichord
VULCAN - blacksmith
WABSTER - weaver
WADSETTER - under Scottish law a creditor to whom a wadset is made; a wadset is a right, by which lands, or other heritable subjects, are impignorated by the proprietor to his creditor in security of his debt
WAGONER - wagon or cart driver
WAILER - one employed in the mines to remove the impurities from the coal
WAINWRIGHT - builder or repairer of wagons
WAIT / WAKEMAN - night watchman
WALKER / WAULKMILLER - cloth worker (see also FULLER)
WALKING-STICK FILER - one who made walking sticks
WALLER - one who built walls either brick or dry stone, also a person who worked making coarse salt
WANTER / WANTCATCHER - mole catcher
WARDER -in charge of prisoners
WAREHOUSEMAN - in charge of or employee in a warehouse
WARPER - set the warp thread on the looms or employed to move boats by hauling on the warps (the ropes attached to the boats)
WARRENER - in charge of a portion of land used for breeding rabbits and other small game
WASHMAN - tin coater
WASTEMAN - checked the old workings for gas and maintaining them in the mines or employed to remove waste
WATCH FINISHER - assembled watches and clocks
WATCHMAN - town official who guarded the streets at night
WATER BAILIFF - official in charge of the fishing rights on a stretch of water
WATER CARRIER - carted and sold fresh water
WATER GILDER - trapped water fowl
WATER LEADER / LEDER / LODER - transported and sold fresh drinking water
WATERMAN - worked with or on boats usually on rivers
WATTLE HURDLE MAKER - made a type of fence from wattle to keep the sheep in
WAY-MAKER - employed to make roads
WAY MAN - surveyor of roads
WEATHERSPY - astrologer
WEBSTER / WEBBER - weaver (originally a female weaver)
WEIGHER - worked on the docks to weigh the cargo as it was unloaded
WELLMASTER - one in charge of the local well with the responsibility of ensuring clean water for the village
WELL SINKER - dug wells
WELL WRIGHT - made the winding equipment used to raise the bucket in the well
WET GLOVER - made leather gloves
WET NURSE - woman employed to suckle tthe child of another (common practice with the rich)
WETTER - dampened paper during the printing process or in the glass industry who detached the glass by wetting
WHARFINGER - owner of a wharf
WHEEL TAPPER - railway worker who checked for cracked wheels by striking them with a long handled hammer and listening for a clear ring
WHEELER - wheel maker, attended to the spinning wheel in the textile industry and one who led the pit ponies that pulled the tubs underground in the mines
WHACKER - horse or oxen team driver
WHEELWRIGHT / WRIGHT - maker or repairer of wagon wheels
WHEERYMAN - in charge of a wheery (a small light rowing boat)
WHIG - horse driver (Scottish term)
WHIPPERIN - managed the hounds in a hunt
WHITEAR - hide cleaner
WHITE LIMER - plastered walls using lime and water plaster
WHITE SMITH - tin smith
WHITENING ROLL MAKER - made the whitening used in whitening walls of cottages
WHITTAWER - one who made saddles and harness
WHITENER / WHITESTER / WHITSTER - one who bleached cloth
WHITEWING - streetsweeper
WHITSTER - bleacher of cloth
WHITTAWER - preparer of white leather
WILLOW PLAITER / WEAVER - one who made baskets etc
WINDSTER - silk winder
WOODBREAKER - one who made wooden water casks
WOODRANGER / WOOD REEVE / WOODWARD - in charge of the forest or woods
WOOLCOMBER - operated machines that separate the fibres ready for spinning in woolen industry
WOOL DRIVER - one who brought the wool to market
WOOL FACTOR - wool merchants agent
WOOLEN BILLY PIECER - worked in the woolen mills to piece together the broken yarns
WOOL MAN /WOOL SORTER / STAPLER - one who sorted the wool into different grades
WOOLSTED MAN - a seller of woollen cloth (from worsted man)
WOOL WINDER - one who made up balls of wool for selling
WORSTED MANUFACTURER / SHEARMAN - one who made worsted
WRIGHT - builder or repairer
WYRTH - laborer
XYLOGRAPHER - one who used and made wooden blocks used in printing illustrations
YARDMAN - rail road yard worker
YATMAN - gate keeper
YEARMAN - one contracted to work for a year
YEOMAN - farmer who owns his own land
ZINCOGRAPHER - designer who etched in relief a pattern on zinc plates used for printing
ZITHERIST - player of a simple, flat many-stringed instrument
ZOETROPE MAKER - craftsman who made zoetropes, an optical toy in the form of a cylinder with a series of pictures painted on the inner surface which gave the impression of continuous motion when viewed through slits in the rotating cylinder
ZOOGRAPHER - described and classified x




edieval And Obsolete English Trade And Professional Terms  (from Olive Tree Genealogy’s website)

Aquarius (Ewer) ~~ Waterman
Aurifaber ~~ Goldsmith.
Avenator (Plantifene) ~~ Hay and Forage Merchant.
Barker ~~ Tanner.
Baxter ~~ Baker
Belhoste ~~ Tavern keeper.
Belleyetere ~~ Bellfounder.
Bowyer ~~ Bowmaker.
Brasiler ~~ Dyer.
Burneman ~~ Carrier of barm or water for brewers.
Cancellarius ~~ Chancellor.
Cardmaker ~~ Maker ~~ of cards or instrumets for combing wool.
Carnifex ~~ Butcher.
Carpentarius ~~ Carpenter.
Chaloner ~~ Dealer in shalloon, a material made in Chƒlons.
Chapman ~~ Merchant.
Chirugion ~~ Apothecary or Surgeon.
Cissor ~~ Tailor.
Clericus ~~ Clerk
Cocus (Keu) ~~ Cook
Combere ~~ Woolcomber
Corvisor (Cordewanarius, Cordwainer) ~~ Shoemaker, originally a worker in Cordovan leather.
Cotiler ~~ Cutler
Cuhreur (Cunreur) ~~ Currier.
Cuper ~~ Cooper; a barrel maker.
Dexter ~~ Dyer.
Dubbere ~~ Cloth dubber, i.e., one who raises the nap of cloth.
Dudder ~~ Probably a maker of coarse cloaks.
Daunsel ~~ Gentleman in waiting, groom or squire.
Dysshere ~~ Probably a ditcher, or in some cases a disher.
Elymaker ~~ Oilmaker.
Faber ~~ Smith.
Ferur (Ferator) ~~ Farrier or blacksmith.
Fisher (Fishdryver) ~~ Victualler.
Flauner ~~ Confectioner.
Fleshewer ~~ Butcher.
Fletcher ~~ Arrowmaker.
Forestarius ~~ Forester.
Frereman ~~ Servant of the Friars.
Fuller ~~ One who trampled cloth. See alsoWalker.
Furber (Furbour) ~~ Furbisher of armour.
Furner ~~ Baker.
Garcifer (Garcio) ~~ Groom, attendant.
Garlekmonger ~~ Dealer in gaarlic.
Glassewryght ~~ Maker and mender of glassware.
Gynour ~~ Engineer.
Hamberghmaker (Hamberow) ~~ Horse collar maker.
Harper ~~ Musician (?).
Hetheleder ~~ Provider of heather for fuel.
Hosteler ~~ Innkeeper.
Husbandman ~~ Tenant farmer .
Kepegest ~~ Innkeeper.
Latouner ~~ Worker in latten, a metal resembling brass.
Limner ~~ Draughtsman or Artist.
Lokeer ~~ Locksmith.
Lorimer ~~ Bridlemaker.
Macun ~~ Mason.
Marescallus ~~ Marshall.
Medicus ~~ Leech, Doctor.
Mercator ~~ Merchant.
Molendinarius ~~ (Muner) ~~ Miller.
Mustarder ~~ Grower and grinder ofmustard.
Nedder ~~ Needle-maker.
Palmer ~~ A Pilgrim, one who had been, or pretended to have been, to the Holy Land.
Paneler ~~ Saddler.
Pannarius ~~ Clothier and Draper.
Pannebeter ~~ Pan-hammerer, or perhaps clothdriver.
Pardoner ~~ One licensed to sell Papal Indulgences.
Parmentor ~~ Probably a parchment maker, or tailor.
Parcheminer ~~ Parchment maker.
Pattenmaker ~~ Maker of iron-rimmed pattens for footwear.
Pelliparius (Peltarius ~~ Skinner.
Perukemaker ~~ Wigmaker.
Pictor ~~ Painter.
Pinder ~~ Keeper of the Pound or Pinfold.
Piscarius ~~ Fishmonger.
Piscator ~~ Fisherman.
Pistor ~~ Miller or Baker.
Plantifene (see Avernator).
Plomer ~~ Plumber.
Pynner ~~ Pin-maker.
Roper ~~ Ropemaker.
Rotarius ~~ Wheelwright.
Safernman ~~ Grower of Saffron.
Samitere (Samite) ~~ Maker of a kind of heavy silk suff.
Sauntere ~~ Probaby Salt maker.
Sausere ~~ Salter.
Seinter ~~ Girdlemaker.
Seler (Sellarius) ~~ Sadder.
Serviens ~~ Sergeant.
Servus ~~ Servant.
Sherman (Shearman) ~~ One who raised the surface of woolen cloth and then sheared it to a smooth surface.
Shether ~~ (See Vaginarius).
Sifker ~~ Sievemaker.
Sissor (Cissor) ~~ Tailor.
Sleymaker ~~ Maker of instruments to part threads in weaving.
Soper ~~ Soapmaker.
Spittleman ~~ Hospital Attendant.
Spicer ~~ Grocer.
Spurrier ~~ Spurmaker.
Stabler ~~ Ostler.
Stasyon (Stawsun) ~~ Probably a Stationer.
Sugarer ~~ Dealer in sugar. (Grocer ?)
Sumner ~~ Summoner or Apparitor.
Sutor ~~ Shoemaker or cobbler.
Tabernarius ~~ Taverner, Innkeeper.
Tannator ~~ Tanner.
Teinter ~~ Dyer.
Textor ~~ Weaver.
Tinctor ~~ Dyer or possibly a painter.
Upholder ~~ Upholsterer; also a cheapjack and seller of secondhand goods.
Vaginarius, Sheather ~~ Scabbard maker.
Venator (Venur) ~~ Huntsman.
Vintner ~~ Wine Merchant.
Walker (Same as Fuller) ~~ Cloth trampler or cleaner.
Webster ~~ Weaver.
Whittawer ~~ Preparer of white leather.
Yeoman ~~ Freehold farmer.

Thanks to Evelyn Cataldi for transcribing these professions from "First Settlers of South Carolina 1670-1700" by Agnes Leland Baldwin.

Bever ~~ Beverage maker
Blockmaker ~~ One who crafted pulleys
Castor ~~ Hat maker
Felmonger ~~ Hide dealer forges
Nailor ~~ Nail maker
Sempster ~~ Seamstress
Sil kmaker spinster ~~ Female spinner
Silkmaker throster ~~ Male spinner
Simpler ~~ Agriculturist that we would call herbalist today
Swordcutter ~~ Smith who fashioned swords
Vineroon ~~ Wine grower
Whitesmith ~~ Tinsmith; or one who finishes & polishes after the Smith