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 Female Ancestors



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MableDishes.jpg (128596 bytes) Maternal Grandmother

Mable Anna Howell Ash 1894-1953

RuthPainting.jpg (516670 bytes) Paternal Grandmother

Ruth Margaret Davidson Kimes 1903-1983

kate joan bebe.jpg (288645 bytes) Paternal Great-Grandmother

Katharine May Vadakin Davidson 1875-1965

with granddaughters Bebe (standing) and Joan (in arms)

Becky8.1929.jpg (160568 bytes) Paternal Grandmother

Rebecca Nelma Maizland Sefton Stark 1909-1984

ENellieGranBarnes.jpg (253096 bytes) Maternal Great Grandmother (left)

Eleanor Emma "Nellie" Barnes Walton 1872-1966

with her mother (right)

Maternal Great-Great Grandmother

Mary Ann Johnson Barnes 1846-1941

ElsieWaltonYoung.jpg (652333 bytes) Maternal Grandmother

Elsie Lucretia Race Walton 1894-1976

          "By walking history’s pathways, we learn to step forward with confidence. The legacy of how others shaped society sparks our own longings to contribute.
Everyone needs role models — footsteps enough like our own to inspire us.
Yet in 1992, a national study found that history texts devote only two to three
percent of their total content to women.
          History must tell the whole story. For girls, knowing women’s achievements
expands their sense of what is possible. For all of us, knowledge of women’s
strengths and contributions builds respect and nourishes self esteem —
crucial to all children and adults now, and in the years to come."

from the website of the National Women's History Project

Who were our grandmothers and great-grandmothers besides just names and dates?  We need to ask questions of our own mothers and write down the details before it's too late.....otherwise our grandchildren and great-grandchildren may never know who their female ancestors really were...